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Night 50: F-A Block Hallway
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nobleobliged wrote in damned
[from here]

Like a ghost story, Natalia told herself as one hallway opened into another. Reminding herself that these were the same halls she had been escorted through during the day had not served to ease the hairs on the neck, nor her quickening heartbeat. An adventure, a quest through haunted rooms to find the one responsible. That she was not, in fact, looking for Dr. Landel, but heading to a meeting of the Cake Club, she opted not to consider.

Simply thinking of that man emboldened her heart, hastened her hesitant pace, threw back her shoulders. In short order she stood before the doors that opened into the next hall, and was not afraid. Would not be afraid. Had she not faced many beasts during her travels? True, she no longer had her bow, and in that she was at an extreme disadvantage.

Then, be sure to escape. Then, be wary, but not afraid.

[though i walk in the valley...]

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[From here.]

There were more women here. Same smiley face shirts as she wore, every one of them a stranger. Claire boggled at the crowd, blinking when she noticed her roommate accosting a younger girl some ways away. She scowled. The doors were open, and all they could think to do was stand around talking?

She was having none of that. They were going to get caught. Tossed back in their cells not even five minutes after they escaped. (If they even were prisoners in the first place. Just because they all wore the same uniform didn't mean they were on the same side.)

Claire didn't bother with pussyfooting around when everyone else was gabbing away without a care. She sped to the first door she could see that didn't belong to a cell and nearly tripped when her socks slid on the smooth tile floor.

Right. She had forgotten about that. Well, no time to remove them now. And she would need at least some protection for her feet once she hit the outdoors.

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