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Night 50: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
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heroesdontshave wrote in damned
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Nothing in here either. Snow was starting to wonder if maybe Badou had been exaggerating when he said all of the staff turn into monsters. The place'd probably be crawling with Cie'th if that were really the case, or maybe they were all off in another part of the building. At least there wasn't anyone getting attacked or anything yet. He'd just keep an ear out for any trouble.

In the meantime, Snow made his way down the hallway, running a hand along the wall as he tried to get his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Wonder how many people got thrown in here.

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Edgar gave his shoulder a cursory rotation as they stepped into the southern hall. It didn't feel good, and neither would crossing the wall, but the shorter path involved less risk than traversing the halls and larger rooms.

"I'll manage," he answered. "I'd rather take my chances with my shoulder than with what could be lingering above the Sun Room. If what I saw before happened to be in there... well, I expect it would tear us to ribbons before we could make it halfway through the room, given our current state."

Gren watched Edgar with a slightly critical eye, trying to judge how truthful he was being about the state of his shoulder. The blond had taken the brunt of the cat's animosity last night, and Gren didn't want him hurting himself more for the sake of expediency. But the man was right, it was better to face an obstetrical they knew about than ones they could only guess at.

"I've had enough of being shredded for the week," he replied. "Recreational field it is."

With a nod and a confident look, Edgar turned and led the way northward. With any luck, the field would be unguarded; however, if the doctor's ominous note about "Special Counseling" bore any meaning, it was probably best to stay alert.

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