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our bodies thrown in time
replicatedorder wrote in damned
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With the ring on his finger and no meeting planned for the evening, Luke realized he was more aware of his surroundings than ever. The typical need to slip through the halls automatically left him, and was replaced by his eyes open and body ready to approach anyone he saw before him. Luke knew that most people would be going about their evenings the same way as always. Some would be expecting friends, and others would be following up on leads. The jumble of information in his head since he arrived made him wonder if any of these people would hesitate to talk to him, and to listen. Only during these hours did it feel like they could communicate without the censorship of the nurses. Only during these hours did they have the opportunity to talk, and maybe even to understand.

But there was still a daunting fear in the back of his mind about everyone being too stubborn to work together. They were all trapped here, and in the end, they might turn out to be idiots like Asch could be sometimes. Not that Asch was an easy subject to consider. As easily as he considered his original, he pushed all thoughts of him out of his mind. He knew Asch didn't decide to suddenly leave once they decided to work together, but he couldn't help but wish they had reconciled some understanding sooner. If so, maybe the two of them could work together for everyone. They could have had a lot more done before Natalia was pulled here. Stubbornness aside, Luke knew that would be the last thing that his original would want.

Surely there was someone else here who would be receptive to what he had to say, and what theories he had bouncing around his head. Were Jade still around—and given the man's lack of response and otherwise stalwart behavior, Luke realized the odds that he was gone were high—he would produce these theories for him, but he was gone now. Support was good, but he needed to move on these things, and he worried that Guy and Anise were too embittered by their time there to try and slide the facets of information together like the puzzle pieces they seemed to be.

But then again, there was no one out in the hall when Luke stepped out and plodded through. His steps were careful, and he mentally noted how strange it felt for the ring on his finger to clink against the flashlight that finger wrapped around. Better to keep moving then. No one was here, and though people were undoubtedly preparing to leave their rooms at this moment, he didn't want to ambush anyone awkwardly.

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Edgar rounded the corner into the next hallway, momentarily thinking of their path. The hall was uncrowded- it was still early.

"The quickest way to get to the courtyard would be to cross the wall that connects them in the recreational field," he said. "Otherwise, we'll have to cross through the Sun Room and cafeteria. All open areas, and I've personally seen a monster floating above the Sun Room on the second floor. I wouldn't be surprised if any of those areas were guarded."

He weighed their options in his mind: attempt climbing the tall wall with their injuries, or risk an encounter for which they were ill-equipped? Perhaps neither room would be occupied... but there was always a chance. "Given our present state, either way will be risky."

Gren took a moment to weigh the options. The indoor option was theoretically less physically demanding, assuming they didn't run into anything nasty on the way. They'd been okay last night in the sun room, but they hadn't been there long, and if Edgar had already seen something in there in the past...

Well, he was willing to try scaling a wall to avoid all that, assuming Edgar could make it as well. "Do you think you could make it over the wall? I'm pretty sure I can, but there's no point if the two of us can't manage." He wasn't all that worried about his arm. He could deal with pain, and if he tore out a stitch or two in the process, well. It wouldn't be the first time.

Edgar slowed as they neared the next hall, giving their choices another thought. There was as much a chance of a monster being outside as inside; however, the route was definitely shorter, and the wall they'd be climbing wasn't too far from the door. They'd only be in the recreational field a moment, whereas the Sun Room and cafeteria would have to be crossed entirely.

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