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Night 50: Main Hallway, 1-West
big damn heroes
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[from here]

It looked like the hallway opened up over here. Guess he couldn't expect to just run around and follow a linear corridor forever, but now he had to figure out which way he wanted to go. Normally, he'd just run down whatever hallway he happened to lay eye on first, but again, he was running a liiittle blind here.

He still wasn't seeing any people anywhere. Maybe everyone was hiding. If everyone knew the staff turned into monsters and tried to eat them, then it'd make sense that they'd try to keep low. Thankfully, he'd be taking care of whatever was wandering around this place, so they wouldn't have to stay hiding for long. Once that was done, they could blast their way out of there and he could find his way back to the others. Couldn't keep everyone waiting on account of him, right?

[running across Rita, The Trickster, and hopefully, a freaking flashlight]

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[from here and waiting on one monkey boy and one mom-figure.]

Rika breathed a small sigh of relief - there were people here. She wasn't sure why she hadn't noticed before now - probably too lost in her own thoughts to see it.

She waved her flashlight beam through the hallway, but decided to wait rather than going alone. Rika could be reckless, that was true, but being reckless had gotten her killed before. It had also saved her, but that was beside the point.

Someone would come along.

"Oh wow...." There were a lot of people in here! Awing audibly, Goku waddled through the throng of other patients as if he were wandering through a sparse forest. Everyone had a good two feet on him. Despite being outnumbered, it didn't unnerve him in the least. Being tall didn't mean you were strong, Goku knew that real well. Actually, the next shortest person he knew was his closest rival.

Again, he did his best to keep away from the people with those crazy lights and said "Hello!" to those who seemed safe enough. He passed a group of people to his right with one member that towered over everyone else. Goku couldn't help but stop and look up in awe. The blond man was like two Gokus stacked on top of each other. "Cool!" Continuing on with a laugh, the young boy ran into someone who was closer to his height. She was still a foot taller than he, but at least it didn't hurt his neck when he looked at her face. Augh, and she had one of those lights!

"Aren'tcha too short ta be a witch?"

[I think it'd prolly be best to secure Goku into the party before Claire gets here XD ]

"A - a witch?" Rika was surprised by those words. How could someone she didn't know...no. It was just a fluke, a bit of wording that was strange. It didn't mean anything. Still, she couldn't keep her eyes from going wide, clearly surprised. It took her a moment to get enough composure to say anything else in reply.

"N-no. I'm not a witch," she said after a moment, pointing the flashlight beam down towards the ground. "I'm just me. I'm Rika," she said, managing a small smile.

"Are you new here? There aren't many close to our age."

[From here, if that's okay? If not I can delete and repost later.]

This one was far longer than the previous corridors, a wider variety of doors dotting it's walls and crowded with people both in uniform and in strange, mismatched costumes. Claire squinted into the distance. Was that man in one of those old fashioned hats? The one from...from...

No matter how long she stared the name never came to her. It was a film. A really popular one, she knew that much. An adventure film. A pang of frustration sprang into her chest. She felt so foolish, she could see the movie in her head and flip through the scenes, remember the faces but not the title. None of the character's names. It was funny how much could be erased in three short years.

There were enough torches on in this corridor that Claire needn't watch her step in the dark. What the hell was going on here? Why would the Others set them all loose? It completely defeated the purpose of locking them up. Nothing was making sense. The nurses, the uniforms, the costumes half the people wore. How everyone was treating this like a routine jog. Look at them! Pausing to chat with every passerby and strolling at a shopping pace. And if they weren't prisoners, then why weren't they trying to kill her? The only other people on the island were either Others or from the submarine, neither of which was too fond of her. And there was no way you could fit this many people on a submarine. Or - well, so she thought. The one at the docks hadn't seemed big enough for the job.

Big enough for eight, though. Just not enough room for her.

The frustration blossomed and grew fiery, painful. Claire had to pause to breathe, pushing back livid tears and visions of Sawyer slamming the door behind her back while she was shot down their attackers. While she was protecting them. And they just left. Even after Kate had promised and Jack found out that they were family. Hurley.

This was useless. She sniffed and scrubbed away what little tears did escape with the heel of her palm. She had to keep moving. She needed to get out, right now. There was no time for fits or anger, no matter how much it made her want to scream.

Yet try as she might, she couldn't push it away. She strode forward with her eyes straight ahead, a dock and the sea swallowing the image of the corridor and gunshots buffeting her ears. Claire's cheeks grew hot, an ugly hurt drawing lines in her face.

Then something bumped against her knee. Small and dark. Human.

"Augh! - Get out of..."

Claire froze. Blinked down at the figures before her. One had blue hair and a baby face, the top of her head level with her nose. The other didn't even reach her shoulder.

They were children.

"Uwwwahh!" Goku's yelp was something like a dog being stepped on. It was just a reflexive reaction after witnessing witchcraft, anyone in his shoes would have done the same. "Y-Y-You muh-moved--" Frightened by this short person's devilry, the little boy jumped back, but for some reason he didn't get far.

"Ah--!" Something slammed into him from behind. Oh no! Had this witch called for re-enforcements?! Oh well, that just meant one more person to beat! Okay, he needed to be sneaky about this; he couldn't let the villain behind him suspicious. Taking a deep breath, Goku counted down for the strike.

One... Two... Four!

"Get ready, witch--! Whoa..." He whirled spectacularly, but now his nose was an inch away from those balloons women carried under their shirts. At least he knew this person's gender! While she was a lot taller than he (and even Bulma too), Goku noticed she wasn't glowing like the shorter witch. Maybe she wasn't in cahoots. And if that was the case, it was a man's duty to protect a girl! "Stay back, lady!" He motioned for Claire to take shelter. "That witch's sunlight can kill!"

"I said I'm not a witch!" Rika stamped her foot once, just to make the point clear. It took a lot of effort to keep the anger out of her voice, but she managed it. Only just, but she did it.

"I'm just a girl. My name's Rika. And I'm not out to hurt anyone. This is just a flashlight. See?" She offered the light for inspection, managing to keep the sigh out of her voice somehow.

She moved to brush her hair behind her ears, letting the light glint off the ring on her left middle finger. Rika didn't notice that at first, but when she did, it startled her a little. That really did look like blood crystallized, didn't it? She had to get that thought out of her head.

"Stay back?" she parroted, boggling at the tiny thing shielding her from the girl. He kept shouting about witches and sunlight and frankly, this was getting out of hand. If he didn't stop panicking like this they would all be in trouble. Good thing the girl was keeping a clear head about it. (But that hair - where the hell did she get the dye for that?)

Determined to quiet them both down, Claire kneeled and drew out her own torch, flicking it on and off. The yellowed light cut the darkness in two and gave them both long, sinister shadows. "It's not magic. It's a machine. See?" There was enough light from the other torches around that they could see when she screwed off the end to reveal the bulb and popped out the batteries. "Witches have nothing to do with it."

So weird that he would think that. Claire regarded him closely, noting the wild hair and the unusually stocky frame for a child. Had he been living in the wild on the island? Somewhere remote from the Others, far from the old camp and the hatches? Or had he actually seen this stuff before, but misunderstood? You'd think Claire would have seen him by now if he was running loose. She knew the island too well to have missed anyone for that long.

Perhaps...perhaps he had always been a prisoner of the Others. Since birth.

That didn't explain the girl. Actually, that didn't explain anything. Nothing at all. This was just too much to think about and they had to go. Now.

Militant, she rose and snapped the torch back together. Claire pursed her lips at the two. She couldn't just leave them. They were too young. About the same age as that pair that the Others took - Zach, and his sister. She hadn't caught her name. The woman taking care of them kept shooing her away.

"Look, I don't know where you two came from or what the hell is going on here, but we need to leave. They'll kill us if we don't." She held out a hand to them both. It didn't matter who took it, as long as they followed.

Goku flinched back when this Rika offered up that magic stick. There was no way he was touching any of it! Thankfully, his attention was taken away from the blue-haired witch when this new, taller lady squatted down behind him, pulling out an identical stick. The young boy was two seconds away from freaking out on both of them, specially since he was out numbered, but Claire's quick thinking saved them both the grief.

He was bug-eyed with wonder as she began dismantling the stick. He still didn't really get it, until she mentioned 'machine'. "Ohhhh! Like one of Bulma's!" She had been able to make it daylight inside her rolly-polly houses. "Electricity, right?" His aggressive mood immediately brightened with a big childish grin slapped across his chubby face. Bringing his stubby arms up over his head to scratch his hair sheepishly, Goku turned around to meet Rika. "Hee hee, sorry!" But there was no time for second impressions, as Claire stood back up and began trying to wrangle them away.

"Who's trying to kill us?" Unfortunately, it wasn't fear that had Goku up and moving, it was excitement. He had already ran into a few mean guys earlier and he was ready for a re-match. He studied the out-stretched hand smiling before giving it a high-five and walking forward briskly. "Okay! Let's go!" This was going to be the best night ever!

Rika had been about to say something else when the blonde woman stepped in, and she breathed a sigh of relief. She'd managed to keep her head, but was impressed with the way she had managed to calm the situation down. There was no real way of telling either of them that the 'witch' comment had struck quite a nerve, but that was all right. There was no need to say anything, just as long as everyone was reasonably calm.

"It's okay," she said, with a small nod. "If you're not used to stuff like this, I can't blame you for thinking it's some kind of magic." The girl's thoughts went back on track at the 'something's going to kill us' comments, and she nodded, her voice going serious again. She had seen enough things in her time here that she knew perfectly well how dangerous things could get. Rika looked at Claire, nodded, and rather than high-five, she took that offered hand, squeezing once.

"Right...it's too dangerous to stay in one place too long. There are monsters and possibly people that could hurt us. It's not good to stay in one place too long at night." With that, she started to move forward and down the hall.

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