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Night 50: West Wing, South Hall 1-B
minako is apprehensive
ai_no_minako wrote in damned
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Was she really the only one out in the hallway right now? Minako certainly couldn't hear anyone else, and she didn't see any flashlights out there in the darkness. Brr. That was kind of... creepy. When it was dark the hallways seemed a lot more echo-y, and she couldn't help but think about the stories about monsters and things that might be lurking where she couldn't see.

"Stop being a scaredy-cat," she muttered to herself, then turned to her right and resolutely marched onward. Out to the main hall there, down a bit, then left. That would take her to the hall where she'd run into Arthur and the fake-Alfred the night before, which thought reminded her that she hadn't talked to either of them today. Maybe she should've left them a note or something on that bulletin. Oh, well. Tomorrow.

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This was much, much bigger than any station she had seen. Only three corridors thus far, but the fact that there was more than one in the first place coloured her impressed. She could even see more through the doors at either end of this one, larger and trailing off into distances unknown. They were underground. They had to be. It was a big island, but no so big that something like this could exist without her having seen it.

But hadn't John said something about a station on the other island? Yeah. Yeah, that one where they took Jack and Kate and Sawyer. A research facility, with giant cages for animals. Sawyer said that's where they kept the bears. Claire had never visited that one herself. The Others had abandoned it, and therefore she had no use for it. Aaron wouldn't have been there.

She wouldn't know for sure if she was on the other island until she found an exit. That would make things really complicated, having to find a boat and trying to sneak around in a jungle she didn't already know by heart. Bad enough that this place was built like a maze.

Light from a passing torch spilled over her. Claire winced and ducked away, suddenly wishing for the usual wood-and-fire torch instead of these damn things. Natural light wasn't so hard on the eyes, and fire made a far better weapon than any club could hope to be.

Her gaze followed the direction of the crowd. If everyone was coming from their rooms, it wouldn't be quite so stupid to follow them for now. Going in the opposite direction would mean winding up back in the prison blocks. Later on she could split off and find her own way.

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