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Night 50: Recreational Field
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He'd been prepared for the same uncomfortable disorientation from last night, but all Kirk stepped into was the cold, clean air of the recreational field. A considerable improvement, although he wasn't about to thank Landel for any small favours. Despite the dull throb of his injury, he kept a firm hold on the door, remembering the way the handles kept slipping out from under his hand yesterday. Not tonight. Even if the doors apparently weren't tossing them around anymore. Even if it didn't matter. He wasn't going to get separated from Bones.

Kirk realized that this ran contrary to his own orders for them to split up, but then, what was the point of being captain if you couldn't change your mind when you wanted to? Besides, he'd issued those orders in a fit of impulsiveness. Whatever it was his captors expected out of him with their constant torments, he was determined to fight back by staying as unpredictable as possible.

"Oh, and forget about what I wrote earlier, you're with me tonight," he said before Bones could think to point this out, and flashed one of his just-trust-me grins for good measure. There was a fifty-fifty chance of Bones being able to tell that he was faking that unflappable assurance — not bad odds. "You can tell me about the important part of what happened while we head to M108."

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[From here.]

The chilly night air greeted the king as he passed through the doorway. He took a deep breath- no nauseating feeling, no unexpected location before them. While the thick darkness surrounding them could hide any amount of dangers, he would take it any day over random warping at Landel's leisure. It would have been easy enough to drop anyone posing a genuine threat into a deathtrap- it was another hint that the man wanted a challenge.

"It looks like the doors are working properly," Edgar noted quietly, now thankful for the jacket on his shoulders as it shielded him from an icy breeze. He surveyed the area with his light off, drawing as little attention their direction as possible.

The wall stood close by, seeming more imposing now that he knew they'd be scaling it with their injuries. He put his hand on the rough bricks, feeling for gaps and notches to help him climb. There were some vines on the wall- he gave them a strong tug, thinking they might support his weight. "I think if you can give me a boost, I can use these to pull myself to the top. Do you mind?"

Gren looked over the dark field for a moment before turning to the wall. It looked the same on this side as it did in the courtyard... nothing particularly remarkable there. And if the vines were as well-anchored as they looked, they might come in handy.

"No problem," he replied. He'd been planning to offer, had Edgar not mentioned it first. He stooped a little and interlaced his fingers so Edgar could get a foot into his linked hands and hopefully get himself to the top of the wall. It was probably going to hurt his arm, but he'd live. He couldn't help the glance he threw back towards the empty field... they were going to be wide open while they climbed over the wall, and it wasn't a feeling he liked. The faster they could get to the other side and possibly get their hands on something resembling a weapon, the better.

Moving quickly, Edgar stepped into Gren's hands and leapt to the top of the wall, gripping the ledge with his working arm. His shoes slid against the bricks, forcing him to use both arms to pull himself up- he gritted his teeth and stifled his voice, bracing himself against the sharp pain that cut through him, cursing the assigned slippers under his breath as he righted himself on the ledge. He felt his wound reflexively- he'd probably pulled a few stitches, but he'd survive. There were more important matters now.

There was hardly a moment to regain himself- he needed to help Gren. Straddling the wall for support, he leaned downward and offered Gren a hand in case he needed it.

Gren watched Edgar scramble up onto the wall and caught hold of the offered hand with his bad arm, using the good one to catch hold of the top of the wall and haul himself up, cursing quietly under his breath. Once he made it up, he took a moment to assess the damage--his arm was throbbing now more than ever, but the wound hadn't reopened so far as he could tell--and looked over at Edgar.

"You okay? That didn't look fun." If they ever did make it back to that town, Gren was making it a priority to find them both some better footwear. Glancing to one side, he could see the courtyard, somehow far more ominous in the dark than it had been in the daytime. The drop back down the wall was probably going to be about as fun as getting up there had been, if somewhat less tricky.

"I've been better," Edgar said in a hushed tone, his hand trailing to his shoulder. It was irritating to know he probably looked as ill as he felt, but there wasn't much to be done about it. With any luck, he could avoid putting much strain on the injury for the rest of the night; however, he wasn't about to count on that happening. He sighed, pushing his hair from his face. "I'll be a lot better if we find what we're looking for."

He looked down into the courtyard- without his light, he couldn't see very far, but he decided against using it and becoming a beacon for anything roaming the grounds. In the dim light from the sky, he could make out the shape of the shed. He found himself smiling in spite of the pain still running through his entire arm: they were almost there.

"Only a short walk, now," he remarked in a whisper. "Let's hope our luck holds out."

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