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Night 50: Main Hallway, 1-Center
Manfred von Karma, Stoic
perfectrecord wrote in damned
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Unlike the western section, the central portion of this hallway was completely deserted. On any other night, von Karma would have used this to his advantage to arrive at one of the upstairs locations before anyone else did. The Janitor's Closet, for one, contained a large cache of metal that he could use to compensate Mr. Geeste for the work he would do for him three nights later.

But for now, von Karma merely had to go as far as the very first doorway to his right, which led straight into Waiting Room 1. This was far more important -- though less pleasant -- than his prospective metal scavenger hunt. Besides, by the time he had replied to Mr. Geeste's notice, Ms. Taura had already accepted an assignment from that blasted History Club. He would simply have to try to contact her tomorrow morning as soon as possible before she could accept another one.

Shaking his head, von Karma turned the door knob, expecting to have to jimmy it open, but instead discovering that the door wasn't locked after all.

[To here (with Court's permission to just go on ahead <3 ) ]

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[from here]

The next hallway was a little quieter, and that set Rika's nerves on edge. But at least she wasn't alone in this one, and didn't have anyone poking at her about being a witch. Still, the darkness was eerie and she'd heard stories about the things that could lurk in the dark. She decided following her own advice would be for the best - not staying somewhere too long.

"Which way from here?"

That seemed to have cleared it up. Turned out the boy had known about electricity all along. How he still could have mistaken the torch for witchcraft in the first place was mind-boggling, but he had stopped fussing and that was all the mattered for now. He even gave her a high five.

Claire had blinked when the tiny hand smacked against her palm, eyes going wide. The boy was already sauntering ahead when the girl (Rika, it was Rika) took her hand the way she'd meant to offer it, and Claire almost laughed. More like an incredulous huff, and the briefest of smiles shared with the girl. They made such a strange pair. She was so calm and he was all over the place.

Claire hesitantly let the boy take the lead as she held Rika's hand tightly in her own, making certain they all kept the same urgent pace. Further up the hall there were more doors and less people. The crowds were slowly thinning out as each group meandered in their own direction. They were farther out from the prison blocks now so blindly following everyone wouldn't do. Everyone would be looking for a way out - none of them could be sure where it was.

"I dunno," she answered Rika. "I've never been out to this station before."

Claire's gaze narrowed in on their options. A door to their right and three on their left, one more up ahead, and another turn in the corridor. Looked like they would have to take their chances.

"Hmmmm..." After a few more feet, the little boy stopped, not exactly sure which way to go now. Wide-eyed and moth hanging open, of course, Goku looked from side to side, trying to hard to pick a door. Reasonable deduction was not his strong suit.

"Oh!" Well the decision was made for him. His sniffer had picked up something. It smelled like... "Food! Hey, let's--Ah!" Something piercing hit the monkey boy like a sledgehammer. Gritting his teeth in a gaping snarl, Goku slapped his hands over his ears and fell to the floor. "Ahhh owwwwaahh!" Thankfully, it ended as quickly as it began, and the boy was really no worse for the wear. It didn't stop him from complaining in poor Japanese though. "Gosh! What the heck was that? How weird... Oh yeah!" That food! Without another thought for that bizarre howl, Goku quickly waddled forward and to the left into the Sun Room.

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