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Night 50: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1
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As they started up the stairs, Anise went on to ask one of the several questions she had on her mind. "But, um... are you really okay with being called what the staff came up with? I mean, a number is weird, but isn't having a fake name forced on you just as bad?" She had to admit, 'Temuera' sounded a lot better than 'TK-622' as far as names went, but at the same time, she herself would rather swallow needles than willingly go by the name the nurses called her here. It was just... insulting, in a way.

It looked like she was right about guessing that he was a soldier, though. He certainly looked and acted the part. Anise was probably the opposite in that respect. She would be shocked if anyone guessed she was a soldier from her appearance. On the one hand, it could be a little annoying, not being taken seriously, but on the other, it was nice having her own guards for once. If people were going to volunteer to help her, then who was she to stop them?

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The Scarecrow stopped at the base of the stairs, looking upward through the darkness. Turning on his flashlight, he flipped to the map he'd copied into his journal. He'd only had a few seconds to look over the drawing before the beam of his light dimmed, flickering again. It startled him for a second before he remembered that it was probably just running out of power- the Mangled Witch lived in the Horrible Hallway, after all.

Still, the fact was that his light wasn't working. Horrible Hallway or not, being stuck in the dark without a light didn't sound like a good idea at all.

"On second thought," he said, turning toward Sangamon as he switched his light off, "maybe you oughta lead us. I'm pretty sure my light is dying, and I don't know where I can find more batteries for it."

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S.T. noticed the second light flickering. He was about to tell Scarecrow to shut it off and save the rest for emergencies when he came to the same conclusion. Or just got sick of the strobe effect.

"Not sure where they keep the office supplies. I couldn't find baggies last night, despite the plurality of pantries in last night's misadventures." First thing tomorrow he was adding rechargeable batteries to the suggestions list. Even if they didn't put one up. This place was in the Stone Ages when it came to the Three R's. (Those being Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Not the old-fashioned menace to spelling purists.) Still-in-the-shrinkwrap new millenium notwithstanding.

He started climbing, keeping the light just ahead of him so the Scarecrow could follow without falling back into the shadows.

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