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Night 50: Courtyard
girlsandgadgets wrote in damned
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Scaling the wall had been the difficult part; getting down was far easier. Swinging his legs to one side, Edgar took hold of the ledge with one arm, pushed himself off the edge, and landed with a thmp that was hopefully soft enough to avoid attracting anything their way. He kept himself hidden behind a nearby shrub, staying out of what little illumination there was from the night sky. The shed was still a short distance away, and they were injured and unarmed. Danger was still looming all around them.

He waited for Gren to join him before making any moves. The shrubs grew close to the wall- it would be hard to cross behind all of them, even if they moved carefully. Walking in the open would be easier, but they'd be targets for anything that could be out there. Then again, stealth in the institution's uniforms would be difficult in all situations, given their light color and the smiling targets on the front of the shirts.

"I'm ready to move when you are," he said quietly to Gren. "Is your arm okay?"
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Gren dropped quietly down from the wall, sticking to the shadows as he did so. He'd been to the courtyard earlier in the day, and while nothing was fundamentally different about it now, he had to admit, there was something distinctly... creepy about it now that it was dark. There was a quiet murmur of water coming from the pond, but otherwise the place was quiet.

The shed was close by, and while they were going to be wide open once they actually got there, there wasn't too much empty ground to cover between here and there. He just hoped they'd be able to get into it without too much hassle. "It's fine," he replied. It wasn't, really, but he could still use it, and that was what mattered at the moment. "Let's go."

With only dim light to guide them, Edgar headed toward the shed, checking over his shoulder every so often to make sure Gren was behind him (and that nothing was behind Gren, though he doubted a man with his training would be caught unawares). It felt uncomfortable to have spent so much of the night traveling with little conversation; however, their safety was far more important than small talk.

After a few tense moments of walking in silence, listening to every sound as if it signaled an ambush, the shed was finally in reach. Edgar inspected the lock- rusty, insecure, breakable. He took a second to determine the choice spot for impact before taking his light in hand and setting it to the lock. With a few blows with the base of his light, the lock gave way and the door opened.

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