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Night 50: Courtyard
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Scaling the wall had been the difficult part; getting down was far easier. Swinging his legs to one side, Edgar took hold of the ledge with one arm, pushed himself off the edge, and landed with a thmp that was hopefully soft enough to avoid attracting anything their way. He kept himself hidden behind a nearby shrub, staying out of what little illumination there was from the night sky. The shed was still a short distance away, and they were injured and unarmed. Danger was still looming all around them.

He waited for Gren to join him before making any moves. The shrubs grew close to the wall- it would be hard to cross behind all of them, even if they moved carefully. Walking in the open would be easier, but they'd be targets for anything that could be out there. Then again, stealth in the institution's uniforms would be difficult in all situations, given their light color and the smiling targets on the front of the shirts.

"I'm ready to move when you are," he said quietly to Gren. "Is your arm okay?"
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[From here.]

Pushing the wheelbarrow out the door first, Edgar gave the courtyard only a cursory glance before heading around the shed and for the wall. He kept his guard up- they may have been fortunate in not being attacked on their way to and through the courtyard; there was always a chance of a beast simply waiting for the perfect opportunity. He propped the wheelbarrow against the wall, taking several steps back and surveying the scene with a keen eye. It couldn't be any more difficult than their first wall crossing- he had better use his energy while he had it.

"Let's give this a try," he said quietly. With a deep breath, he approached the wall, tucking the shaft of the shovel into the back of his jacket. He took a few quick steps, then onto the wheelbarrow and a leap onto the wall, clearing it easily and landing deftly atop it. He grinned, turning to face Gren. "That was probably the most agile I've been all night." His smile darkened as his hand found his shoulder. "And given our first wall encounter, that I will be for a few days. It should be easy for you."

Edgar made it look simple enough, and given that he was the less injured of the two, Gren was sure it wouldn't be much of a challenge. He hooked the shovel through the back of his sweatshirt and used the wheelbarrow to boost himself up on the wall, pulling himself up with his uninjured arm. Pretty simple, all right.

"Take it easy with that arm, okay?" It wasn't going to get any better if he re-injured it. Just then, the radios crackled to life. He pulled his out of his pocket, eying it suspiciously as the voice on the other end was abruptly cut off again. "What do you think that was all about?"

Edgar hadn't a moment to respond regarding his arm before the radios suddenly crackled, a man on the other end speaking of the rings and claiming to be trying to help. He removed his radio from his pocket, listening carefully until the device suddenly fell into silence.

"I'm not entirely sure," he answered truthfully. "This isn't the first time we've heard from someone claiming to be on our side; however, I prefer to see someone face-to-face before I give them my trust."

He returned the radio to his pocket, taking his shovel in hand and sliding off the wall.

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