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Night 50: Gardener's Shed
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Edgar moved inside quickly, scanning the room with his light, sending the beam into every corner and crevice: he was looking for hidden dangers; what he found instead brought a smile to his face. The room was littered with items- claws, hoses, gloves, shovels- each piece with more potential than the last. After one more cautious glace, he took a few steps inside. If anything dared to follow them from the courtyard, he was certain it would meet a grisly fate from the equipment provided, injuries or not.

As he was considering how he could carry multiple items in spite of his arm's condition, a metallic glint against one of the walls caught his eye. Perhaps something else of value? Upon closer inspection, he discovered the shine belonged to some sort of a delightful motorized device, complete with a rotating blade, just begging to be used as a weapon. He knelt beside it, looking it over with hungry eyes. Oh yes. He already knew he'd not be able to take it tonight, but simply knowing such a wonderful contraption was within his reach was very encouraging.

"Well, I know what I'm doing once my arm has recovered," he said as he stood, putting a hand to his chin.
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Gren was pleasantly surprised when nothing leaped out of the shadows and tried to maul them. Maybe that was cynical thinking on his part, but given the circumstances, he didn't think he could be blamed for it.

The question of whether or not they'd be able to get into the shed was quickly answered with a few whacks of Edgar's flashlight, and when there proved to be nothing lying in wait for them inside, either, Gren moved closer to inspect the contents. About what you'd expect from a gardening shed, really, but at least some of it was promising, if a little impractical. He picked up one of the shovels, testing its heft. If he had to wander around swinging a gardening implement, there were worse things he could choose.

He turned when Edgar spoke, looking to see what had caught his interest, and arched an eyebrow when he caught sight of the ancient contraption he'd been inspecting. "You're going to disassemble the lawnmower?" He wasn't sure if he really wanted to contemplate what the other man could make out of such a thing.

A lawnmower, was it? He pulled it from the wall, tilting it to the side to have a better look at the blades. No wonder he wasn't terribly familiar with the device- it'd be completely useless in Figaro, given the lack of vegetation. It had some value here- maybe not for its initial function, but it definitely had potential.

"'Disassemble' leaves so much to the imagination," he said with a smirk and a shake of his finger. "I was thinking more like, 'Remove the casing and use it to construct a pack, reroute the engine and blade to the end of a length of pipe, wire starter on the other end, and have myself a new toy to play with...' That will have to be for another night, however. I knew I shouldn't have left my tools in the room."

Edgar stood, wandering from the lawnmower toward the opposite wall. A sigh escaped him as he picked up one of the gardening claws. If Sabin was ever unfortunate enough to be pulled to the institution, at least he would have some decent equipment. He smiled somberly- his brother would probably chastise him for having let something like a monstrous cat injure him so badly.

Seeing the shovel in Gren's hands, he decided it'd be best if he took one as well. It was a useful item, and could certainly be used as a weapon if it came to it.

It seemed, judging from both Edgar's enthusiasm and the description of what he had in mind for the poor lawnmower, that Gren had managed to wholly underestimate his roommate's... creativity. "That sounds both dangerous and potentially very messy," he commented after a pause. "But effective. I think I'm just going to be glad you're on our side." Because really, if someone was going to build outlandish and potentially very destructive devices, it was better to have them working with you, rather than against.

Gren looked around the interior of the shed again, trying to decide if there was anything else worth hauling with them. They weren't really in any kind of shape to be carrying large loads with them, and most of the implements had long handles on them that, while useful for the amount of reach they'd grant the wielder, made them sort of cumbersome to move with.

"Messy, yes. For them. I will have to be careful with the construction. After all, I'm working with makeshift materials. A weapon backfiring on me could be just as devastating." Edgar eyed a few other instruments in the room, particularly a wheelbarrow. That would come in handy... eventually. The entire room was teeming with possibilities. It was a shame they'd have to wait for a few days at the very least, and that was granted he didn't sustain any new wounds or make worse the ones he already had.

He gave the shovel a couple of quick thrusts, testing both his arm and its usefulness. It wasn't a pike, but it would do. "I'm feeling better already," he remarked stiffly, his shoulder aching. It was a painful reminder that they'd have to be cautious if they decided to cross the courtyard wall- using Gren as a step couldn't have been good on his arm. He turned his attention to the wheelbarrow again. "If we made it over one wall, I believe we can make it over the next. We could use this to give us a needed boost."

"I can see how you wouldn't want something like that flying apart on you," he agreed. It was easy to imagine how bad it would be to have something like that fly apart on you or something. He was going to be perfectly content to leave all the experimental weaponry to Edgar and stick with things less likely to malfunction.

Like the shovels. They were good and sturdy and would last them for awhile, so long as they didn't go using them to pry open any particularly stubborn doors or something.

He nodded slightly, looking at the wheelbarrow again. "Should be the perfect height for that," he agreed. They were both tall enough that there wasn't that much distance between them and the top of the wall to begin with... with the wheelbarrow, it would be even simpler to get over the top. "If you're up for it." Hanging back and minding their injuries was probably the wisest course of action, but it was also the least satisfying.

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Edgar tossed his shovel into the wheelbarrow, giving one of the handles a tug. It moved easily enough. "I figure that if Landel can warp us to town and back as he pleases, he won't mind if we take a look around while we're out and about," he said slyly, heading for the door.

At least their visit hadn't been a waste- he could only hope the lawnmower was a staple of the shed and would be there on other nights. He loathed missed opportunities.

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