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Day 51: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
"Well, that's it for today's activities and hygiene!" The Head Doctor said with a jovial tone just after the sound system's jingle. He seemed excited and maybe even giddy. "Our nurses will now be escorting everyone back to their rooms, and some of you might find that you have brand new roommates to share your dinner with! That's right: we've gotten a whole new batch of patients, and I hope you all are as well behaved with them as you have – ...well, as most of you have been with our staff. Because of this good behavior, I'd like to remind everyone that they may stop at the Arts & Crafts room to bring their origami figures back to their room and decorate as much as they like!

"In any case, our dinner tonight will be herb chicken – breast and wing or leg and thigh, whichever you prefer – served with hot – well, not too hot – vegetable soup, caesar salad, and lightly fried rose potatoes. Our usual drinks are available, as well as alternatives for special diets, and dessert will be a delicious caramel apple.

"I believe that's all for now. Goodbye, everyone!"

The intercom clicked off.

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Gren forced himself to smile politely at the nurse as she led him back to the room. If what they wanted were cheerful, happy patients--and the commentary over the intercom implied that they very much did--Gren could fake it. After all, it wasn't as if they were actually being forced to do anything terribly objectionable. The activities were boring, at their worst. And there seemed something somehow fitting in lying his way through the sham of normality the days here presented.

As soon as the nurse had left him to his dinner, Gren dug out the keys to his desk drawer and unlocked it. The ring was there, as were the bottles he'd picked up the night before. Just what he'd been hoping for. If he was going to get through another night in this place, he was going to need it. He shook two pills out of the bottle, and swallowed them along with a sip of his drink before stowing the bottle out of sight, just in case the nurse came back.

Edgar wasn't around yet, so he sat down, intent on getting through some of his dinner. Skipping it had been a mistake the night before, and he wasn't going to do it again, regardless of how hungry he might actually be. He began making a mental tally of everything he needed to discuss with Edgar--there was going to be a lot to talk about, and it helped keep his mind off of less pleasant things, like the unfortunate issue with the showers.

Edgar ran his hand through his hair as his nurse led him back to his room, embarrassed that he'd napped through the entire 4th shift in the Sun Room (at least the cheerful asylum facade kept the building relatively safe during the daylight hours), but thankful for the arrival of the dinner shift. There was a lot he needed to discuss with his roommate: the language barrier, the ruined town, the quarry, the basement- he'd learned quite a bit in the course of one day. Sleeping through the previous shift would probably prove to be an unexpected blessing if the coming night resembled the last two.

He gave a relieved sigh as he stepped into the room- Gren was already inside, looking as well as could be expected from a man who was trapped against his will and had spent the last two nights trekking through the nightmares provided by Landel's institution. With as many allies as he seemed to be losing- one more, if Raphael was truly gone- Edgar was grateful to see his roommate again. His presence would not be taken for granted.

Letting the nurse close the door behind him, he lingered near it a moment, listening to her footsteps trail down the hallway before speaking. "I'm hoping you can understand me, because there's a lot we need to discuss."

Gren was relieved when Edgar walked into the room. After what Mason had told him about people being taken away for... things, and all the bulletins looking for missing patients, it was good to see the blond was still around. He nodded, setting down his spoon for the time being. "Whatever they did last night, it's gone now," he replied. "Hopefully it will stay that way." Things would be a bit frustrating if they kept losing the ability to communicate with one another.

He went through his mental list again--there were all the things from last night they hadn't been able to talk about, and then there was the stuff he'd learned from both Damon Gant and Mason. It was probably best to start off with the most pertinent information first. "I think I have some idea of where we might be now. The when is a bit trickier, and it could be a trick, but if it's not, at least we have a little more to go on now."

Edgar nodded. He'd been hoping to hear something along those lines- if Gren had been able to read the writing the previous night, there was a chance he was from the same world as Landel, though possibly from a different time. He'd managed to pull Celes from a different point; the madman had some powerful forces on his side, so it wasn't completely out of the question. It seemed nothing was.

"I'll take any information over none," he said, setting his tray on his desk and taking his seat, massaging the back of his neck with his hand. The nap had left him stiff, and combined with the soreness he'd been fighting all day, it made way for a rough headache.

"As for me, I learned some information regarding what lies below this building, possibly including the weaponry hall we found the other night." He took a sip of the soup- the warmth would do him well. "Let's hear what you have first. Where are we? Any clues from the town we found or the signs we passed last night?"

"There were some clues in the town... the money and the flag that was there were American. It was a country on Earth. I can't pinpoint a when, though." He just didn't know enough to be able to tell if the money or any of the other items that had been lying around pointed to a specific time, and even if they did, it was hard to tell just how long ago the town had been destroyed.

"There wasn't much more information. The signs were all in English, which makes sense if this is America, and I could still understand what was being said over the radio, so that must have been in English as well. But it's a pretty common language." He'd found it interesting that everything was written only in English, but it was possible things were less multicultural here than the were back home. "The area we bypassed on the way to the quarry had danger warnings." Part of him did wonder what was up there, but he was still glad they'd skipped it last night.

Neither the country's name nor the language sounded familiar, so Edgar took notes as Gren spoke. He'd traveled the globe more than once, and had never heard of this 'Amerika.' The theory that he was from a completely different world seemed more and more valid.

"At least one of us could read the signs," he said as his pen scratched across the page. "If this place shares some common culture with your world, then perhaps they're the same, but from different times. The language became completely foreign to me, where it was readable until that screeching from the radios. I wonder if the rebel group that broadcasts over them made progress last night. Landel may like challenges, but he might have shut off our communication because they were getting too close for comfort."

He turned his journal to the second page- the writing he'd copied from the wall of the church was still there, but now readable. You will both burn. Was it a warning to the rebels, a message to someone who had been in the town at the time of its demise, or was it written to Landel and an acquaintance? The second was the most likely option in Edgar's mind, but he wasn't willing to write off the others just yet.

"Speaking of the quarry, I'm starting to think there may be some significance to this particular land," Edgar said, putting the pen to his mouth. "This place has an underground level that houses some peculiar rooms. It seems our weapon hall is probably on that level- there's supposedly a ballroom down there as well. I had hoped to learn where the entrance is, but the girl I spoke to had a little too much concern for my health and wouldn't tell me." He sighed inwardly. Either Anise was a very caring individual, or his charms worked a little too well.

Gren nodded a little. "Most of the things here are familiar to me, they're just outdated. I can't be sure if this is just the past or some other Earth, though, not without knowing what year it is." He supposed he could quiz some people on the state of space travel, but he doubted this was a place of origin for anyone in the institute, except perhaps the nurses. And he doubted he'd get much information out of them. It was frustrating, having tantalizing clues but not being able to put them together into a big picture. Of course, he'd only been here a few days, but every day was one day too many.

Then again, perhaps he shouldn't be so eager to leave... nothing good was waiting for him back home. He wasn't even supposed to be alive.

"Below here?" He'd considered that possibility... that the rooms they'd visited were a part of the institute somehow, but he'd discarded it as unlikely. The architecture had been too dissimilar. "That makes me wonder if it was there first and this place was built on top of it." But why? To protect something? As part of the elaborate game that seemed to be in play here? It all seemed so arbitrary. "Apparently there's something strange out in the woods, too. Maybe there's some greater meaning to all of this." Not that he would bet on it. Human nature was capricious, and the small, cynical part of himself that he usually tried to keep locked away couldn't help but note that sometimes people simply did things because they could and not because there was any meaning to it.

Gren had a good point- building something as elaborate as a ballroom underground would be beyond impractical (not counting if Landel used some sort of sorcery to construct his institution- Kefka's tower certainly looked haphazard from the outside, but what else was a madman expected to build? The insane had worse issues to deal with than room placement). It seemed the institution itself was more than just a cage for his lab rats- it also acted as a cover for whatever was occurring just beneath the surface.

"That makes me wonder even more about the surrounding area," Edgar mused. "Not just the ruined town or the curious behavior of the Doyleton people, but of the quarry and what is past the river in the forest. If Landel's influence can reach Doyleton, I have no doubt the quarry is under his jurisdiction as well. I'm interested in knowing if he is responsible for it, or if it was an attempt by his opposition to gain access to the underground level.

"If it was manned by someone other than himself, they're gone now. That tool I found the other night hadn't been used in a while." He interlaced his fingers. "I wonder how many people he's put to death, either by setting monsters on them for whatever reason he sees fit or by destroying them completely, as we saw in the ruins."

"It's hard to say," he replied, staring at his dinner and suddenly not feeling terribly hungry at all. "Some of what's here could have existed before. That quarry is pretty extensive looking. Who knows how old it might be." It had definitely been in use until fairly recently, but under whose purvey, it was difficult to guess. "But you're right, it's definitely not active anymore, and there's probably a reason." Either it was quarried out, or someone didn't want the operation to continue. It didn't seem like the most efficient way to get at whatever underground levels might exist, but they hadn't explored it enough for Gren to rule out the possibility entirely.

"People seem to get 'released' a lot, but I'm not sure what that means." Did people just vanish? Or was that the polite way of saying they'd been killed? "Someone I talked to today told me there's more than just the monsters here to worry about. They take people and experiment on them." The thought had been gnawing away at the back of his mind all day, a particularly nasty worry. "For fun, or for some other purpose... I don't know. I didn't really get any details. But I'm sure killing a few people is nothing for someone who can run a place like this." He was staring hard at the wall, trying to keep his voice as neutral as he could under the circumstances. If he thought too much on the subject, he couldn't be sure he wouldn't slip back to just as crazy as the staff here liked to pretend they all were.

And there was a word Edgar was beginning to dread: released. Celes, Luxord, Yuna, Harley, Raphael- the list of those he'd met who had ultimately disappeared was growing daily. The nurses gave the same reason every time: they'd made a miraculous recovery from whatever was ailing them and had been released. He'd initially considered those released were former patients whose spirits had been crushed entirely, their desire to fight back as lost as they were; however, with Raphael's disappearance- possibly murder- it became apparent that 'released' was more of a blanket term for anyone who wouldn't be seen again.

As for those who were released and readmitted... that would have to wait until he had more information.

"I've also heard of the experimentation," Edgar said in a grave tone. "I don't know what the experiments entail- I haven't met anyone who has undergone them, as far as I know- but I know they take place on the second floor, somewhere down the halls above the patient blocks." He had considered looking there on a night when he couldn't find Celes, remembering her warning to him; he wasn't sure he was thankful he didn't have to search far before finding she was no longer a captive... within the institute, at least.

"I had an ally today who was 'released,' though someone on the board indicated that far worse befell him," Edgar continued, his eyes on the utensils in his hands. "With some of the monsters that roam these halls, I'm not surprised there are a few casualties, though I wonder why Landel would bring people who clearly have no fighting chance to this place. To watch them squirm before they meet their end? Or is there another reason?"

The second floor... maybe he would make that a priority, then. Facing fears head-on was the easiest way to confront them, and even if there was nothing to be discovered, it would give him a better sense of the institute as a whole. He had no idea what else might be found up there.

"I can try to get more information," he replied. "The person I talked to seem to have some idea of the sorts of things they did to people, although I'm pretty sure his knowledge is all second-hand." Mason had arrived at the same time Gren himself had, after all, and it hadn't sounded like he'd been speaking from personal experience. "If people are being harmed..." It was such a frustrating feeling. He wanted to stop it, to stop people from going through the sorts of things he'd already survived, but he wasn't sure how he'd ever be able to do it. Not when it was so evident that there were powers at work here that were far beyond his league.

"I'm sure there must be." He thought back to that cat they'd faced his first night at the institute, and how easily the two of them could have ended up dead, had things gone even a little differently. "It makes a certain amount of sense... I doubt they'd simply let people go." If it were as easy as pretending you were 'sane,' after all, he was sure no one would spend very long in this place. "To see how they react, maybe," he offered. "To see what they can come up with." He doubted very much that he and Edgar were the only ones capable of finding make-shift ways to defend themselves. From the obviously coded traffic on the bulletin board, it was pretty apparent others were working together and making plans. "A test of ingenuity." Or a simple case of sick, morbid fascination with the lengths that people would go to in the defense of their own lives.

Now there was something that made Edgar's blood boil: the thought that Landel was putting people through this game of his for some sick experiment... or worse, entertainment. His choice of captives added insult to injury- it was cruel enough to bring unsuspecting soldiers and mages to his game, but those who were untrained and unprepared for any sort of combat? Or children? Only a true monster would put innocents through trials and watch them risk their lives for the sake of testing ingenuity.

They weren't his people, but Edgar felt the need to protect those who could not defend themselves otherwise, especially when it was from a madman who felt he could do as he pleased with human lives. One man hellbent on becoming a god was enough.

"If people are being harmed, he has to be stopped," Edgar said. "Even if we do find a way back to our own worlds and times, who's to say he couldn't just pull us back here? Or he could do worse and simply find new test subjects, ones far less suited for such a nightmarish environment, less likely to fight back. Letting him get away with this, with what he's already done to how many before us, is unthinkable. If the town we found was any indication, he could probably kill us all without a second thought."

He had another bite of the soup before moving to his closet, opening the door and pulling out the sport netting. A few well-placed knots would make it a helpful aid in carrying supplies. He took his seat again, getting to work.

"I'm going to continue looking into the basement," Edgar said as he deftly tied the first knot, "finding out more about what's down there, how to access it, and what the purpose of the dagger we found could be. There has to be a reason he'd have such a relic guarded so well. See what you can find out about the experiments on the second floor. I'm interested in knowing what we'll have to face, should either of us be taken." He gave Gren a serious look- if his roommate was ever taken for experimentation, he would be tearing through the second floor to find him, no matter what the odds.

"Going home isn't much of a priority for me," he admitted. Yes, he wanted out of this place just as badly as everyone else did. But the chances seemed high to him that he'd be sent back to where he'd been--either dead or very close to it, drifting in a crippled spacecraft. It wasn't something he was looking forward to. "At least not until this place is shut down for good. I couldn't just leave other people to this." He knew that he could take it, at least for awhile. Other people didn't have his skills, or the kind of mental fortitude he'd had to build up.

And if he could help, that was what he was going to do. He'd had his three years of relative peace on Callisto, and regardless of what happened, he knew he didn't have much of a future left. If he could help the other people here, then that's what he was going to do. "I'll ask around. I want to get a good map of the building anyway, and if they're experimenting on people on the second floor, that seems as good a place as any to start." He'd play it safe for now, just do some recon and leave it at that unless he ran into some situation he just couldn't walk away from. "I'm sure as hell not going to let anyone take me if I have any say in the matter." He supposed the problem was that he might not. With the way things seemed to work around here, there might not be much chance to react.

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