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Night 51: M11-M20 Hallway
winged_moon wrote in damned

After dreading the arrival of night through the entire dinner shift it was almost a relief to hear Landel's self-important evening announcement; the content was somewhat unusual, certainly, though Yue knew little of the woman Jill and had just as little reason to care. Even if he had wished to focus on her predicament, however, his attention was quickly drawn to his own situation. As he'd spent the day in his false form, night meant the involuntary return to the true -- something he'd not wanted to display to anyone, much less one as unfamiliar and distant as his current roommate.

But it wasn't as though the Institute gave him anything so simple as a choice, so even as the door unlocked golden light traced an intricate circle at Yukito's feet; at the same time a glow sprang to life at his back, lifting and expanding to take the form of great wings which wrapped around him in a white-feathered cocoon. After but a moment they spread again to reveal the guardian's true form, his expression set with icy irritation. Without either word or look at his roommate, Yue took up his flashlight and turned away, moving to the door as quickly as dignity would allow. If he simply left quickly enough it would prevent any unwanted questions... for now.

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The nightly announcement did nothing to allay Edgar's concerns regarding Landel's nightly torture.

"It seems he's already found a victim," Edgar said darkly, finishing his strategic knotting job on the net. With any luck, it'd work well enough to carry a load. He retrieved the doctor's jacket from his closet, putting one arm through the sleeve and pulling the shoulder of the other side over his sling, then slipping the net over his neck and across his torso. The arrangement wasn't perfect, but it would work.

"We might find a way to stop Landel before either of us is lucky enough to be chosen for the sleep studies," Edgar continued, pulling said shovel from behind his clothes and grabbing his flashlight from the drawer. "We'll never know unless we try. Map-making sounds like an excellent plan; I'll do a bit of exploring myself this evening and see if I can find something more suitable for combat than a shovel. I'll do my best not to get mauled in the process." He slipped his radio into his pocket- there was no telling when the rebel group would try to make contact again. Finally, he pulled a few of the basic tools- the pliers, the wrench, and the screwdriver, to be specific- from the toolkit, tucking them into the pocket of the jacket. He would not be forgetting them again.

Edgar stopped at the doorway just before heading out, looking over his shoulder. "Be careful out there, Gren."

"Same to you," Gren called as his roommate headed out. Hopefully it would be a successful night for both of them, without any further injuries acquired in the process.

He got up and started gathering what he needed for the night. It didn't amount to much--his flashlight, radio, journal and a pen, as well as the shovel which was retrieved from the back of the closet. He was going to need to find a better way to carry all his equipment, but he'd make due for the time being.

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