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Night 51: Main Hallway, 1-West
hasnomeaning wrote in damned
[from here and waiting for the opposite one.~]

The hall was as empty as she had seen it. Silence glistened as severe as any palpable source. Voices echoed in the distance, but here there was nothing. No one. No sounds, but the dull creaks of a settling building and shifting ghosts. Last night gave rise to a new awareness. She did not take the emptiness at face value, did not trust the lack of others for what it was. The one on the board had offered the possibility of a monster, but Rei knew the feel of another body against her.

No, her assailant had been human. This remained fact. Over the edge of her plug suit, the bandage felt heavy. Weighted. A reminder to be productive if nothing else. She needed no other reason to devalue her own worth.

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[From here.]

The main hallway was still fairly empty when Edgar reached it, people taking their time leave the relative safety of their rooms for the darkened hallways. And who could blame them? Between the experimental torture and the roaming monsters, there was little reason for those who couldn't defend themselves to chance the institute at night.

As for the curious, the adventurous, the determined, and the downright reckless... well, they would show themselves in due time. Edgar moved quickly, hoping the fewer patients out and about meant the monsters hadn't a chance to settle into the halls, either.

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