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Night 51: Main Hallway, 1-West
hasnomeaning wrote in damned
[from here and waiting for the opposite one.~]

The hall was as empty as she had seen it. Silence glistened as severe as any palpable source. Voices echoed in the distance, but here there was nothing. No one. No sounds, but the dull creaks of a settling building and shifting ghosts. Last night gave rise to a new awareness. She did not take the emptiness at face value, did not trust the lack of others for what it was. The one on the board had offered the possibility of a monster, but Rei knew the feel of another body against her.

No, her assailant had been human. This remained fact. Over the edge of her plug suit, the bandage felt heavy. Weighted. A reminder to be productive if nothing else. She needed no other reason to devalue her own worth.

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[From here.]

Rounding the corner into the Main Hallway, the Scarecrow took a moment to look over the faces illuminated by the other flashlights, seeing if he could spot a familiar face from the crowd, the notion that heading to Dr. Venkman's office alone wasn't a good idea at all, even though he knew the way, suddenly dawning on him.

He turned and looked back down the way he'd come from, trying to turn on his flashlight- oh, that was right! It needed new batteries. There was so much that slipped his mind when he was focused on one thing- with any luck, that wouldn't be a problem by the morning. Once he had a new brain, all his problems would surely be solved, and if they weren't, he could do some thinking and solve them himself.

It was a little late for him to go back and ask Depth Charge to accompany him. He nodded to himself in agreement- he needed to see if he could find a companion for the night, preferably one with a flashlight who could manage things better than a brainless strawman (or former one). Finding a spot near the wall, he kept an eye on the hallways- maybe he could find Remy or Kibitoshin. They seemed like the sorts who would travel in pairs.

[Come to me, Scar~]

[From here]

As expected, the main hallway was much more crowded than the areas he had just passed. Surely, there'd be some poor fool to travel with tonight; idiots were much more preferred than traveling through these dangerous halls on his own. Even if he had no particular idea where to be headed, but for now the feline was content with 'anything remotely useful and distracting'. That wasn't even such a high standard, if he dared say so himself.

Eventually, he found a familiar face leaning against the wall - the Scarecrow, was it not? That worked just as well; it would save him spending time on an introduction round at least. Approaching the patient in question while taking care not to give the poor man a heart attack, he said:

"So we meet again. I don't suppose you're waiting for someone?"

Just as he was considering that he might be stuck wandering in the dark for the night, the Scarecrow found himself approached by a familiar face after all. What luck! He couldn't help but smile. "Why, if it isn't Scar!" It seemed like an awful long time since he'd spoken to the former lion- since before the night with the enchanted doors, if he recalled correctly. Even though there weren't nearly as many people in the Institute as there were in the Emerald City, it was hard to keep up with folks.

"I was just waiting for a familiar face, preferably with a light." He gave his own flashlight a shake, demonstrating its reluctance to work. "I was hoping to go fetch something from one of the doctor's offices, but there's not much point in goin' if I can't see my hand in front of my face."

That gave him an idea. "You wouldn't happen to be meeting anyone tonight, would ya?"

The doctor offices? Scar couldn't say he ever had the interest of investigating them. He only had one of these 'therapies' once, and it had ended up as a complete waste of time. But that had been during the day where anything useful was likely to be hidden from their fragile patients, so who knew? Perhaps he could find something useful in there, it was at least worth a try. Better than wandering the halls on his own and doing nothing productive.

"I actually do not have any plans to meet anyone whatsoever, so I suppose I could accompany you to these doctor offices." And he happened to carry a light, even if Scar did not had any immediate need for it. Well, well, wasn't the Scarecrow being lucky tonight?

"Hooray!" The Scarecrow leapt in joy, his unbridled enthusiasm a sharp contrast against the quiet chatter of the other patients in the hallway. He looked over his shoulder toward the center of the main hall, the thought that he might have awakened something in the darkness suddenly crossing his mind- there he went again, not thinking about their situation! He had to be more careful, especially with the somethings and witches that roamed the halls at night.

"Let's get going," he said, his enthusiasm still evident in his loud whisper. He started heading down the hall, leading the way. "Hopefully, we can make it there without running into a witch."

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