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Night 51: Main Hallway, 1-West
hasnomeaning wrote in damned
[from here and waiting for the opposite one.~]

The hall was as empty as she had seen it. Silence glistened as severe as any palpable source. Voices echoed in the distance, but here there was nothing. No one. No sounds, but the dull creaks of a settling building and shifting ghosts. Last night gave rise to a new awareness. She did not take the emptiness at face value, did not trust the lack of others for what it was. The one on the board had offered the possibility of a monster, but Rei knew the feel of another body against her.

No, her assailant had been human. This remained fact. Over the edge of her plug suit, the bandage felt heavy. Weighted. A reminder to be productive if nothing else. She needed no other reason to devalue her own worth.

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[From here.]

Feeling a bit easier as they reached the main hallway and began seeing other patients out and about, Edgar slowed his pace, the throbbing from his shoulder starting to wear on him. He looked back- Locke's company was a comfort he'd not had in what seemed like a long time. His appearance did bring several questions to mind, though all might make the thief think Edgar had lost his mind. He resolved to save most questions involving the multiple timelines and worlds theories for the morning. For now, he'd start with something less involved, easing into it with his own observations.

"I don't think I can fully express how much of a sight for sore eyes you are," Edgar said through his grin, slowing down to walk beside the treasure hunter. "It's not that I didn't think you were capable of surviving the end of the world, but months without seeing anyone from our group can make one wonder. The fact that we're crossing paths here, having been captured by another madman for reasons unknown, is a welcome coincidence."

He watched Locke in the darkness, hoping he was more familiar with the Apocalypse than Celes had been. If not... well, he'd cross that bridge if they came to it.


If he would have had his way, Locke would be walking by Edgar's side right now. Yet, the situation was a little more dire and dangerous than what he had wanted, wasn't it? A little tricky as well, what with the dark corridors and unnecessary backtracking that he was unaccustomed after all these years. He kept his attention on Edgar's blind spots, fingers always on the ready as he followed the ragged king down the hallway.

"Miss me that much, huh? I knew it." he grinned, though the way his gaze trailed off to an unoccupied, dark corner behind him said otherwise of his usual, happy-go-lucky demeanor. "I've heard a lot of rumors around the world on my end. Didn't think any of you would kick the bucket that easily."

But then again, Locke never did have a normal way of thinking. Unnecessarily positive, always pushing forward—he had made sure to never give up hope, right...? Rachel included, he never had a doubt about Edgar, Celes, Setzer—anyone, really, about their drive to move on.

"All the better. We just need to take him down; just think of this as practice, and we'll be out of here." ... somehow. His tone was wary, already knowing that this wouldn't be an easy feat to pull, but it was something worth being positive over.

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