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Night 51: Main Hallway, 1-Center
minako is thinking very hard
ai_no_minako wrote in damned
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The only problem with being punctual was that it left her all alone (hopefully all alone, at least) in a large, echoing hallway with nothing but her imagination. Considering that Minako's imagination was pretty good, especially given the last few years, that wasn't exactly a good thing. She gave the area a careful investigation, making certain that she couldn't see any sign of creepy monsters lurking nearby, then finally settled against the wall opposite the Sun Room door and crouched there, switching off her flashlight to wait. There wasn't any point in wasting the batteries, first of all, and second of all, having it on was basically screaming "HEY LOOK THERE'S SOMEONE EDIBLE HERE" to anything that might come wandering by.

Hopefully the first thing to come wandering by was a person, and hopefully hopefully it was a friendly person. Maybe even that "Snow" guy she was supposed to meet. Or the guy who didn't want to leave his name, but liked to keep an eye on people. Creeeeeeeepy. Hopefully he wasn't some kind of weird stalker or pervert or something.

Well. She'd find out when she met him, wouldn't she? But as she waited, senses alert for any sign of movement in the hallway, Minako entertained herself by imagining what these people were supposed to look like. Someone cute, maybe? Or a weirdo like that Ootaku guy at the arcade? Brr. Hopefully not that.

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[From here.]

Edgar continued down the hallway, growing more cautious as he moved farther from the collective of patients that normally gathered on the western end. His grip on the shovel tightened as he sidestepped the open doorway to the Sun Room, unwilling to turn his back to the area. His eyes, though adjusted to the darkness, couldn't see through the shadows in the large room.

He considered one more time finding a way over the wall in the field, but without a second hand and a high step to help him over, he knew the climb would only result in injuring his shoulder again. He was never going to be able to carry heavier tools if he didn't allow himself to recover. He sighed in mild irritation at the choices: a better recovery or a faster route to the lawnmower. He did want a better arsenal.

He left his light off for now, choosing walking through the darkness over making himself an easy target. His next invention needed to be a ladder.

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