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Night 51: Main Hallway, 1-Center
minako is thinking very hard
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The only problem with being punctual was that it left her all alone (hopefully all alone, at least) in a large, echoing hallway with nothing but her imagination. Considering that Minako's imagination was pretty good, especially given the last few years, that wasn't exactly a good thing. She gave the area a careful investigation, making certain that she couldn't see any sign of creepy monsters lurking nearby, then finally settled against the wall opposite the Sun Room door and crouched there, switching off her flashlight to wait. There wasn't any point in wasting the batteries, first of all, and second of all, having it on was basically screaming "HEY LOOK THERE'S SOMEONE EDIBLE HERE" to anything that might come wandering by.

Hopefully the first thing to come wandering by was a person, and hopefully hopefully it was a friendly person. Maybe even that "Snow" guy she was supposed to meet. Or the guy who didn't want to leave his name, but liked to keep an eye on people. Creeeeeeeepy. Hopefully he wasn't some kind of weird stalker or pervert or something.

Well. She'd find out when she met him, wouldn't she? But as she waited, senses alert for any sign of movement in the hallway, Minako entertained herself by imagining what these people were supposed to look like. Someone cute, maybe? Or a weirdo like that Ootaku guy at the arcade? Brr. Hopefully not that.

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The Scarecrow led the way for only a short while before falling back, deciding it might be best if he stuck near Scar, since he was the one with the working flashlight. It would be his luck to run into something, tripping over it in the dark (or tripping into it, given how clumsy his human feet were sometimes).

He hoped Scar could run fast if they did come across anything- the former lion didn't look like he'd ever been the type who'd thrash a hippopotamus from top to bottomus. Then again, neither had the Cowardly Lion after knowing him for a few minutes, but with his courage from the Wizard, he turned out... well, still cowardly in some cases. He was brave when it really mattered.

He considered asking if Scar wanted to link arms as they walked, in case it turned out the lack of courage was a problem with lions in general, but decided against it. Scar didn't look like the type to link arms and skip down the hallway, either.

"It's not much farther," he said. "That hall on the left."

It was a good thing the Scarecrow had never asked to link arms, because Scar would've considered the idea...well...completely ridiculous. Thankfully, the former lion remained ignorant of the idea as he followed his companion for the night through the hall. He didn't exactly like having to use his torch considering it could (strike that, would) attract unwanted attention, but he couldn't quite have his meatshield skip into the arms of an infuriated spirit set on killing her unfortunate victims.

The former lion hoped never to run into her again.

Even without the Scarecrow's comment, he knew the offices weren't much further. "Anything in particular you wish to fetch from there?" he asked, more to satisfy his own curiosity than anything else.

"Well, I was in there the other day," the Scarecrow started, keeping an eye over his shoulder for witches, "and I couldn't help but notice that Dr. Venkman had an awful lot of diplomas hanging on his wall. See, back in Oz, I had one myself- with it, I was known as the Wisest Man in Oz."

He stopped by the corner as they reached the entrance to the next hallway, peering around it cautiously. The coast was clear- or looked that way, at least. He signaled for Scar to follow, continuing as they rounded the corner. "The fact is that in my normal body, I've got no more brains than a pail of water. With that diploma, I could think of anything as quick as a wink!"

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