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Night 51: M-A Block Hallway
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After two consecutive nights of traveling with his roommate, Edgar found it strange to have left him behind; however, they could cover more ground apart, and Gren would probably be concerned if he knew he had his heart set on returning to the courtyard shed. While it was true he'd recover faster if he didn't spend his nights trekking the grounds, it seemed like a waste of time. It was apparent that those taken for torture sessions couldn't wait.

Now, deciding which path to take to the courtyard was the tricky part. The shortest route was to cross the wall as they had the night before, but a night wandering the hills with torn stitches had taught him a lesson he wasn't keen to repeat; the other option was to travel through the Sun Room and cafeteria- both large areas, one having had a monster looming above it in past nights. Ultimately, neither was going to be safe. It was just as likely something would be outside.

Edgar had chanced the wall once already, so it seemed only fair to give the other path a go.

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Once he got out into one of the larger halls, Kratos stopped. He hadn't considered where exactly he would be going, and the realization that he was doing something incredibly Lloyd-ish (dashing into a situation completely unprepared) hit him hard. He needed someplace to go if he was to fulfill his goal for the night, which was to be productive.

Recalling the map of the Institute, Kratos remembered that there was a room devoted to patient possessions on the second floor, oft mentioned on the board before the Institute had decided (logically) to begin censoring patient messages. It seemed...an interesting room to explore. He'd had his share of run-ins with his supposed "real" self's life, true, but from what he'd heard, there were things to be found up there that were obviously from the lives that people properly remembered.

It seemed reason enough to go.

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It was strange setting out on his own. The last two nights, he'd had Edgar along so that they could watch each other's backs, and in the army, they'd never moved alone. To do so on Titan was to court death by either the hands of the enemy or a sudden sandstorm.

It left him feeling vulnerable, but he knew they'd be able to cover more ground this way, and honestly, after the day he'd had, it was easier--he didn't have to worry about hiding how shaken he was by the thought that people were being hauled off for experiments on what was apparently a nightly basis. He paused momentarily, trying to remember where he'd seen the stairwells to the second floor. He hadn't given them much thought during the day, and at night, the halls were somewhat disorientating. After a moment to get his bearings, though, he was on his way.

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Abe's fingers traced the wall as he slid around the corner, walking fast (not running, that would just leave him with his newly gained nose smashed into a door), trying to call up his mental map of the area. He'd only seen a small portion of the second floor and he had no idea where they took the experimental victims. Hopefully Howl had some idea, or by the time they even figured out where in the building L was...

Scarecrow had lived, Abe counseled himself, and only had mild psychological trauma from the incident. The important thing was to find him.

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Roxas sharing the same block as him was definitely going to make things handy. It meant that he wouldn't have to go too far to meet him, and seeing how they didn't have an exact plan, that was a good thing. Sora knew how precious time was at night, so he was glad that they wouldn't be forced into doing any backtracking.

He paused in the hall for a moment, wondering if he could catch Roxas as he left his room and moved toward the block's exit. Sora only managed to wait for about five seconds before he decided to just keep moving, though. They were meeting just outside, so he might as well just get there.

Maybe he was a little impatient, but he was used to waiting for people by now. Kairi seemed to be the only one who could actually beat him places sometimes, and that was because she was... Kairi. Sora knew that explanation didn't make sense, and yet it worked in his head.

Smiling, he moved out.

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Peter did feel a little bit ridiculous walking down the hall with a pillow case slung over his shoulder like he was Santa Claus gone wrong, but he tried not to think too hard about it. Unfortunately, the contents of the bag kept clinking against each other, and that just made it worse. Maybe it was for the best that he'd just stuck with the Landel's uniform for tonight...

Granted, the hallway was pretty much deserted at the moment, which meant that he didn't have to worry too much. Figuring that he should take advantage of his good fortune, he sped up a little, heading for the door with his flashlight's beam extended forward. It caused the rustling of the bag to grow louder, but he was doing his best to ignore it.

He had to shuffle around a little to open the door at the end of the hall once he reached it, but he was eventually successful and stepped through.

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In terms of room placement, Castiel realized that he was rather lucky. (He and Stefan, technically, but he had already decided to put that boy from his mind for the night.) Other than one room, theirs was the one that was the closest to the door that led out into the institute at large. Not having to wander through pointless hallways cut down on time, at least slightly, and every second counted at the moment.

He still didn't know where he was headed, but he would need to decide soon. It was difficult to have a plan when he didn't have any of the background knowledge necessary to analyze the situation, and his complete ignorance was starting to aggravate him more and more.

There were two possible options, however. He could either head in the same direction that he'd picked the night before and try to walk down that road until he found something (would he be attacked again? Would they ever stop? He might be able to fight them off faster on his own, but he still wasn't armed particularly well), or he could choose another, new direction to explore.

For the moment, Castiel just focused on getting one foot in front of the other and then grabbed for the knob of the door that would take him out--

[For Gabriel.]

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Oh, how sweet it was to know that the option to becoming a PI was still an attainable goal, or that his memory was intact even if other things weren't. He hadn't been exactly memorizing the indention in the walls to remember his way around since he'd still had that hangover-haze that apparently came with being brought back from the dead. Maybe if he'd had an aspirin or something, it could have gone better.

Minus the whole lake thing. But there were no crazy witches with rings around here, and that was definitely already an improvement.

What there was was this: one lonely little angel, about to make his way out. And family had to stick together, right? Before the whole business with the metaphorical corporate way Zachariah liked to run things and the whole loss of familial relationships and it was a very long list of things that had gone astray since he'd left.

Well, if he had to wander an asylum with trimmed wings and a caramel apple, he couldn't think of much duller company. But it was company. Or something.

"So we meet again," he made his entrance by flying through the open door behind Castiel, holding out his arms in front of him like he was waiting for a hug - and if that were the case, he would've probably been dead again before it ever happened. "Good to see you out and about! What's on God's littlest angel's agenda tonight?"

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Javert wasted little time in heading toward the main hallway. It was one thing to assume that it would be at least an hour before the experimental treatment doors began to unlock; it was quite another to assume that time would pass at the same rate for everyone here. Better safe than sorry.

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Walking around with almost everything on mute was starting to drive him insane. It hadn't been as bad during the day, but with the killed lights and near dead silence ringing, it was more obvious than ever how crippled he was right now. Honestly, Damon had pretty much forgotten what it felt like to actually have to worry about not hearing someone sneak up on him. This reintroduction to that feeling was highly unappreciated.

At least he could take comfort in the fact that Stefan was suffering along with him.

No, wait. Actually, he couldn't take comfort in that. Stefan had made it his life mission to suffer the way all humans suffered. He'd probably fantasized about this day. Not that Damon would know by looking; it didn't exactly show on Stefan's face—and he thought briefly that there was a time when getting his brother to crack a smile wasn't even a question of effort.

But what did that matter to him anymore?

"By the way, I saw your roommate back there earlier," Damon said. He didn't bother pushing the lightness of his words far enough to hit a false note. Stefan understood that any levity between them would be false. "Did you make friends with him?"

Though far from at the top of his list, he couldn't help but file away that face for later reference. A potential visit, in case he was bored. Or if he felt like it. Whatever. Whichever one came first. Either way, he was the older one here; it would be irresponsible not to check out who his little brother was rooming with.

Now that Stefan was sure his dimmed senses were permanent — or, if not permanent, at least not about to wear off given time and feeding — he forced himself to try to adjust. He could see others using their flashlights as they passed through the hallway, and drew back from the searching beams of light by instinct... but if anyone found it strange that neither he nor Damon needed flashlights, they didn't look twice. So there was that. His hearing and sense of smell was even less help right now when it came to navigating the dark.

So this, he thought, was what it was like to be human again. Except he didn't feel human. He wasn't sure he could even remember what it was like — growing and changing, warm blood flowing in his veins. The closest Stefan ever came to normal was forgetting what he was.

He wondered how well Damon was handling it.

Stefan looked back at his brother when he spoke, the first time since he'd walked off. He hadn't needed to look to know Damon was following. He hadn't even needed to listen, not that he could ever hear Damon approaching unless Damon wanted him to. He'd just known. There was no way his brother could resist antagonizing him right now.

"We were put together," Stefan answered blandly, not answering the question. Damon could read anything into that he liked. Stefan knew well enough that any friends of his automatically became targets for his brother's unpredictable homicidal tendencies. Hell, anyone even remotely associated to him was a target (he hadn't forgotten about Mr. Tanner), but he wasn't about to set Castiel up for Damon's attention.

Stefan's lips curved minutely — a smile, the only kind he directed at Damon these days — as he turned back towards the patient block exit. "But we're not going to be staying here long enough for it to matter, are we?"

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The hall was identical to the one outside his own corridor, and a quick check of the first hall on the right told Logan he was almost there. Which was perfect, because the pressure of time running out was almost palpable.

This hall was a little more active than the ones he'd seen so far, too. It was almost bizarre how people were, here; everyone had the same goal, but they all seemed to have their own plans to get there. Landel was a lucky guy: his prisoners were completely uninterested in the principle of strength in numbers.

And tonight, Logan was no different. He took the last right and headed for Kurt's room.

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Heading down yet another corridor was annoying, and Naraku made a rather discontent face as he went. The building was too large, and it was both confusing and predictable, a paradox he didn't find very amusing. Glancing around somewhat at the other beings filtering past him, the youkai just continued on his way; there was really no other way he could see out, since it was obvious that the other door led to a dead end room.

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The female blocks would not be difficult to find, though time was of the essence. Due to the institute's warped sense of time, it was difficult to predict how much time they would be given to complete this 'puzzle' tonight. It was unfortunate the bulletin had limited the information Erika had been able to provide, but the Nobody was certain he'd be able to judge it's usefulness soon enough.

Xemnas offered the hall a brief investigation, but found no immediate threat. Only a few patients were wandering about, but currently their obvious existence was of no importance. He continued on his way...

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It was a little weird leaving out of a different hallway, but thankfully, he was still in the same block, and that meant that this was still a familiar haunt. Of course, he wasn't going to find anything interesting here.

Fingering the spray paint in his coat pocket, Sanae walked briskly along toward the main halls.

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By the time he'd reached the other block hall, the Doctor was still no closer to deciding what Donna's absence had meant. Maybe she had just decided not to meet him tonight, but surely she would have said so, in her note. Something like 'You'd better not think about coming to my room tonight!' or even refusing to tell him the number in the first place.

Think, think, think!

He'd nearly reached the end of the block hallway; any further and it would be a dead end. The Doctor checked the first room on the branch hall: M10. Good; he was in the right place, and it wouldn't be much further to M2.

The Doctor just hoped that unlike Donna, Dean would be there.

[To M2]

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The need to flee his room so quickly was becoming quite tiring, but what else could Yue do? He wasn't about to stay and suffer the questions of his roommate -- he'd explained more to Ken, but Ken had been different. Friendlier. Willing to accept a very basic explanation without prying for more details. Yue rather strongly suspected that Xemnas wasn't the same, just from his general demeanor and distance.

The guardian paced deliberately down the hall toward Touya's room, attention shifting from his roommate to his destination. He hadn't spoken to Touya since the night before. Since... all that had happened. What kind of greeting would he get there? He wasn't certain, and that made him slightly uneasy... not that he'd show it.

Touya hadn't seen any specific instructions on the board, so he assumed they were doing the standard Meet-At-Sakura's plan. Like usual. Letting his roommate sleep (he did that a lot... should he be concerned?), Touya gathered his things and set out.

The night before wasn't something he was concerned about. Far from it, Touya was kind of looking forward to seeing Yue after their discussion last night. How would it affect how they worked together? Not at all, very different? He didn't know. But he wasn't nervous about it--why be nervous?

He was a little surprised when he saw Yue coming away from his room towards Touya's own room. Well, that's what they got for not confirming, he guessed. He approached Yue with his flashlight to the ground, but ensuring enough light to where the guardian would know it was him (if he couldn't sense him already...).

"Hey," he said, giving Yue one of his rare smiles. "Thought I was going to come pick you up."

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Kiba kept his flashlight off, allowing his eyes adjust to the darkness. He breathed in, out, feeling the chakra that was so hampered in the morning hours trickle in, slow and strained. It seemed almost lethargic, like a water pipe with no pressure to guide it to where it needed to go. It was annoying, a hindrance, but at least the energy was there. He could feel it. Now if only he could figure out how to will it do more than just sharpen his sense of smell. Now that would be kick-ass.

Serve the bastards keeping them here right, too, Kiba thought with a lazy sort of grin as he left the relative safety of the block hallway. They hadn't seen nothin' yet.

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Same old, same old. At least the block hallway was never any threat. And Gant only had to walk a few steps before he was at the doorway to the next hall.

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Like most things, darkness transformed the atmosphere of something once mundane to something else entirely, and so the white hallways felt more foreboding than before. However, Austria was more worried about finding his room should he ever feel the need to return as opposed to what potentially lay ahead. He shifted the lantern from one hand to the other, pointing it at all the doors with a look of uncertainty.

((From here.))

Ludwig proceeded out into this hallway, still worried about what he saw. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that the patients really were at the mercy of the Head Doctor. Each block had one choke point. Each hallway was long and straight with no cover. Each door could likely be locked, or at least barricaded. If Landel wanted to squelch these night time excursions, then he could do so with ease.

The fact that he couldn't explain why such measures weren't taken scared him more than the unsettling atmosphere. He just couldn't understand why these things weren't being done, nor the reasoning behind the actions, and dealing with madness was terrifying to him. He'd gone through it before... he didn't want to do it again.

For now, however, he saw someone startlingly familiar. Messy brown hair- with one strand in particular sticking out- and a noticeable beauty mark betrayed who it was, even without seeing the color of his eyes and without the over-refined clothes of a born aristocrat. Only one person could carry himself with such natural poise and elegance, let alone grab Ludwig's attention. So, despite himself, Ludwig approached and called out, "...Roderich...?"

[from here]

In a way, he felt like he was being obscenely paranoid, but was there really such a thing as being "too paranoid" in a place like this? And considering he couldn't move very fast at the moment, no one could blame him for being nervous. Still, he was irritated with his own behavior. Yes, things weren't going very well for him, but he should be more collected than this. Calm and cool no matter what. If his colleagues back home saw him like this, he could only imagine the reaction. Aaah, his reputation would be shot, wouldn't it? Heh heh.

He smiled slightly to himself. What a thing to think about. Somehow or other though, it was amusing enough to make him feel a little better. Yes. Best to distract himself than to think too hard on things he couldn't control. Let's focus on what can be controlled and work from there.

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Rounding a corner, Goku got down on all floors so he could properly sniff the floor. There was an overwhelming smell of rubber from everyone's shoes and soap. There was shampoo and then the underlying smell distinctive to each individual person. No monster, though.

"Hmmmm... Where could it have gone?" Hopping a few feet further down, the little boy began wafting the air around his face, sniffing and grabbing as if he could truly touch the scents in the air.


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There were still other patients lingering in the hallway as Spock made his way through the darkness, their figures vaguely illuminated by the lights they were carrying. This was not unusual, and so the Vulcan took only a passing note of it as he continued on his way. However, a soft rustling from the floor caught his attention.

Uncertain of whether it was a creature of a patient, Spock briefly swept his flashlight beam over the source and quickly realized that it was a boy who was crawling on the floor. While one might have assumed he was searching for something he may have dropped, the curious way he was sniffing at the air seemed to refute that.

But now was not the time to question others over any unusual behavior unless there was danger in neglecting to do so. As it was now, Spock did not smell anything in the air aside from the sterile scent of the hospital. Without saying a word to the boy, Spock turned to make his way toward the block's exit.

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This time around, Zevran made more careful note of his surroundings. His own hall was connected to this one, which branched out into several identical rows of cells. There was an exit on the far side, and Zevran moved towards it with careful purpose.

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