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Night 51: West Wing, North Hall 1-A
who you tryin' to get crazy with ese
noifsandsorbubs wrote in damned
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Here was that right turn. About the only place Logan could get to with no confusion was the bulletin board, and by extension the cafeteria: straight down the hall, take two lefts. Once he got there, there was a possibility that he'd get held up - a handful of people had all said the same thing: trying to go through that room at night was a bad idea.

Well, it was a good idea; it just also happened to be dangerous. It sounded like the crew that'd tried to hit the basement last night had gotten held up, and there was nowhere else that could happen. There were two doors in the cafeteria that indicated there was some other way to get in, but Logan had no idea what that was. There was a door way behind him, but that was the wrong direction. With any luck, Kurt would have an idea.

With his luck, both doors led to goddamn broom closets.

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[From here.]

The Scarecrow moved through the halls quickly, already knowing exactly where he wanted to go, not even pausing to think about the fact that his flashlight had failed to come on after several clicks. His mind was elsewhere- he was going be able to think, to do some good! He'd been so long without a useful brain- he'd nearly forgotten what it was like to be able to manage things.

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