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Night 51: Sun Room
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The difference in the Sun Room was literally night and day: what was a relaxing area during the daylight hours was far less pleasant at night, the dim light from the ceiling windows barely illuminating the vague shapes of the furniture sitting around the room. What little light there was only served to create shadows, perfect hiding spots for whatever could be lurking in the darkness. It wasn't a comforting thought, but it was realistic.

Edgar set his eyes across the room, first to the other side, then to the ceiling. There wasn't anything he spotted immediately, but it wasn't unheard of for the poor lighting to play tricks on the eyes... and that wasn't including whatever tricks Landel had up his sleeve for the evening. First the warping doors, then the language barrier- three nights of his games in a row wasn't out of the question, given the circumstances.

He continued into the room, trailing the western wall to protect his injured side, his light still off. He didn't have far to go, but the distance seemed so much farther in the tense silence.

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[From here; assuming this is after Sechs' fight is finished.]

The Sun Room was in worse condition than when Edgar initially crossed it. His first action was to look toward the balcony, then down to the center of the room- evidently, the fight from the second floor had come crashing into the room below. The bleeding hulk was surely one of Landel's; the patient who had been fighting it was nowhere to be seen.

"This centerpiece is new," Edgar said in a hushed tone, taking a couple of steps toward the mass lying in the middle of the Sun Room. "I saw someone fighting on the balcony when I came through here earlier. I suppose this was what the fighting was about."

He was briefly concerned that it might still be alive; however, the state of its head and neck- both injured with an actual weapon of some sort, given the impact- said it wouldn't be walking again, if ever. Still, he'd learned his lesson about undead creatures within the institution's walls. "I wouldn't get too close," he said with a wry smile. "Take it from my personal experience: the undead beasts here have surprising stamina."

As they pulled through the door, the treasure hunter nodded. "Sounds good. You never did tell me how you survived, but I guess that's another story for another time." That, and this place...

Edgar's injuries had caught Locke's attention earlier on, and so, as he let the door shut behind him, he offered the man a hand. "Let me carry that. The sooner you recover, the better it is for both of us." No need to stress an already stressed wound, Locke figured as he watched the fallen creature with a wary eye. It looked as dead as ever, but Edgar was right: one could never be too sure about these things.

"That looks like it was a pretty steep fall. The guy probably didn't get off uninjured." Carefully searching the area for any signs of danger, Locke continued. "Just how big is this place?"

Thanks a lot for not sending me this notif, LJ. Sorry for the wait!

"I'm fine," Edgar said, declining Locke's offer as he shook his head. The stress from the net bag wasn't helping his wound, but it was manageable. He dared not move too quickly, though- he didn't need to be set back another night on his progress.

"This place is fairly large," he answered, "though the winding hallways are deceiving, disorienting at times- they make it seem even larger. There's a second floor that's easily accessible, supposedly a third floor, though I've only heard a few whispers about it. More interesting is that there's a secret basement that houses rooms that... simply don't belong with this institution facade."

Making a wide circle around the dying beast, Edgar headed for the door to the hallway.

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