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Night 51: Courtyard
girlsandgadgets wrote in damned
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A little wriggling with the wedged shovel and a few sharp kicks later, the door opened. Edgar moved outside quickly, pulling the door closed behind him- he'd caused enough of a commotion to have alerted the entire staff, granted they weren't out torturing the rest of the patient population already. He crossed the path to the wall of the building, moving alongside it as quickly as caution allowed, finally stopping behind a bush as he neared the wall to the recreational field.

Leaning on his shovel, Edgar took a moment to rest, adjusting the sling around his arm as he knelt. He stifled a pained breath- getting that door open had been more work than he'd initially thought; however, it wasn't nearly the stress of crossing the high fence, ruining his stitches in the process. Peering over the shrub, he surveyed the grounds from his hiding spot: nothing immediately noticeable, but the view was poor with only the light of the night sky to aid him. What he could see was the shed, the structure a jarring shape against the backdrop of the trees on the other side of the fence. A smile crossed his face- his destination was in sight.

Back on his feet, he kept low to the ground as he followed the wall, using it as a safeguard for his back and wounded arm. While the courtyard itself was blanketed in a strange silence- serene, but somehow unsettling- the adjacent field was brimming with sound: voices dampened by the stone wall, a curious guttural noise. Whatever produced a cry like that couldn't be good.

The sounds from beyond the wall continued as Edgar arrived at the shed, his first action to break the lock in the same fashion as the night before and step inside quickly. The familiar darkness of the shed surrounded him- despite the familiarity, he checked the shadows in every corner of the room. One couldn't be too careful when the native monsters were often horrible beyond proper description.

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[From here.]

Clearing the doorway more easily than expected, Edgar once again crawled along the western wall, moving as quickly and soundlessly as humanly possible. The commotion from the field on the other side hadn't died down, the cries of other patients clearer than they had been on his first passing. It seemed he'd been fortunate, having chosen a good night to take the longer path and avoid crossing the wall a second time.

Though more convenient to carry on his back than it would have been to drag the mower behind him, moving the stringed trimmer was more than a minor task. It weighed on his neck and shoulders, forcing him to deal with further pain from his wound. The shovel was a blessing as it supported each step, serving as a walking stick more than a tool or weapon. He rested a moment behind one of the shrubs, feeling weaker than he would have liked to admit. He could only hope his luck would continue and he'd be able to meet with the healer Anise mentioned- his drive to progress unfortunately clashed with his recovery. With Landel sifting through his patient population, removing from and adding to it every few days, there wasn't time to waste.

He got to his feet and continued to the cafeteria door. At least he didn't have to break the lock this time.

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