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Night 51: East Wing, Hall A [First Floor]
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"Ever since I was brought here, I've not been able to find my brains," the Scarecrow explained, counting the doors as they passed them. "The Wizard Landel took them, no doubt. I've got to get them back, but that requires an awful lot of thinking. Where would he keep them? And why would he take them? I can't figure out how to get back my brains if I've not got brains in the first place!"

He stopped at the third door on the left, interrupting his story for now. "This is it!" he said excitedly, giving the knob a try. The door didn't budge. "Locked- what luck! How are we supposed to get in? I don't think we'll find a key anywhere around here."

As soon as he'd asked the question, an idea struck him as he eyed the powerless flashlight in his hand. He didn't have the Tin Man's axe, but surely they could get the door open. They'd come all that way- they couldn't just give up now. "I'm going to see if I can maybe break the lock. You keep watch."

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If one required this so-called 'diploma' to think, then Scar supposed he was illegal. Who in the name of Pride Rock needed some dubious item in order to think?

But the statement was not even half as ridiculous as the one that followed. The former lion actually paused for a moment, wondering if something was wrong with his hearing. There wasn't; baffling or not, he had heard it correctly. Ever since he had arrived at Landel's Institute, he had heard a lot of ridiculous things that did not make sense.

But even he had limits. He had claimed the hyenas were brainless, but that was in a strictly figurative sense. Not having a brain? How was that even--

Before he knew it, the question had left his mouth: "So your skull is currently filled with what, precisely?" Sand? Rocks? Air? He resisted to repeat the urge to bury his face into his hand.

In the mean time, the former lion watched his apparently brainless companion for the night stop at the third door only to conclude that it had been locked.

"How surprising," the former lion commented. "Very well, I'll be on the look-out." It wasn't like Scar could not open the door himself, but if the Scarecrow felt so inclined to do so (and to likely destroy his torch in the process), then who was he to stop him?

A few minutes, a throbbing hand from a few poorly aimed hits, and a dented flashlight later, the door looked like it was ready to give. "Well, I've got the sort of brain all humans have," the Scarecrow answered as he prepared for another blow. "And I suppose it was working just fine until a few-- "

He cut himself off as he gave the lock one more solid hit, the door finally opening with a long creeeaaak. "Ah, there we go!" he said as he got to his feet, shaking his sore hand a few times. Without further ado, he stepped inside the office.

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Unlike the previous hallway, this one was deserted -- or so it seemed. The spider attack that had started in a bathroom of all places all too fresh in von Karma's mind, he angled his flashlight's beam into every corner, every shadow, to ensure nothing was lurking in there. Satisfied that it was safe enough, he headed down the corridor, passing by the first three doors on his left. Before long, he arrived at office #7. "Dr." Suresh's office.

Again, after scanning the area for dangers, he turned the doorknob and was unsurprised to find that it was locked. Very well. He reached into his pocket and retrieved the screwdriver that he had also had the foresight to bring along. Unlike the trip to the Main File Storage three nights ago, the task of dismantling the doorknob was much easier now that he had sufficient light to assist him. This time, he was able to take better care in preventing the pieces of the doorknob assembly from clattering to the floor as they had last time, thus diminishing the risk of alerting anyone -- or anything -- nearby to his presence.

Now that the door was open, he pulled it open and aimed the beam from his flashlight inside it. From what he could tell right away, the seemingly empty room was unchanged from the last time he had been in there six days ago. Even so, he waited a minute to ensure that nothing was going to leap out and attack him before going inside.

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