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Day 52: Lunch
[x] your tattered wings
purpletaint wrote in damned
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It was a race. A fight against patience and a Song's call. Still, the sedation's dredges churned through him. Two close at hand had a potent effect--much like the night that they were left in that town, and the morning after. Rubedo had came then. Came for them like something out of place, and wasn't that so ironic afterwards--when Albedo knew what he knew now? How many times would a twin appear to abandon him to harshly? How many times would Rubedo make promises only to break them--tear them to pieces like he did Albedo--in the perfectly precise way of those who knew how to break you down because they knew you so perfectly.

Was that how Rubedo had killed him? Or had Albedo forced him to it? His twin wouldn't say before, and asking now was too much like dead blood rotting in veins--he no longer cared, no longer needed to know how easily it was for his twin to rip him asunder. How joyous Rubedo must have been. If that night was any hint, his twin hated him with a passion to rival man's hatred toward god. And wasn't it the same. This. In ways it was the same. An existence meted out, for what it's worth, and then you were simply trapped in it. Trapped in it and stuck stagnant where you were, bound by that other, unless you forced your hatred forward to strike down the other.

To kill god? It seemed too quaint to entertain.

Be it that he woke as the last shift was ending, Albedo had been escorted to the cafeteria early. He took what was offered without a word, sat in the back without a sound, and sipped at the water put in front of him politely; a hand curled around the cup lightly, fingers loose. Eyes burned into the entrance--for Nigredo or Rubedo, either would suffice. The doubt that his twin would come to him was faulty--to ignore them for a week and then vanish as if they were nothing spoke of only distain, whatever Nigredo chose to believe. The eldest of them hated them both. This was truth. The only truth that Rubedo had shown Albedo, in thought, word, action, and deed, in the two weeks that they had shared here.

So Rubedo was to kill him. Well. Never say Albedo accepted his destiny. Yes, he would die by his twin's hand. But first he would rip Rubedo's throat out, claw out his eyes and press them into his beloved's mouth--see the lies you spew--lift his tenderly beating heart for all to see and then crush it.

This, Rubedo, is what you've done to me.

[...for the twin.]

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"I smell cow. I smell cow aan' chicken aan'--pig?" Goku wasn't sure about the rest. It smelled really strong, almost sickeningly so as he entered the cafeteria with his nurse. The monkey boy wasn't quite sure what the piles of food he was gawking at were, so he let the woman handle his food again. But Goku made sure to ask for extra meat along with whatever those floppy bread things were. They looked gross and soft and squishy. Bleh! Nooo thank you.

"Let's see here... Why don't we put you right over there, and I'm sure we can find someone to sit with you..." Like a conditioned dog, Goku knew if he sat up on that chair and didn't fuss the tray in the lady's hand would be his to savor. Unfortunately, she had been watching his manners the last few days and before Goku could pick anything up, she placed a fork in his hand. "Use your fork to eat, Billy. It's more hygienic that way..."

He wasn't exactly sure what "hygienic" meant, but he tried anyways, spearing a piece of marinated chicken on the silver prongs. "Ooouuuu~!" These were pretty cool!


Claire left the library somewhat reluctantly, if only for Shizuo's sake. The man was out of his mind on the sedatives. Completely gone. He might have been a complete stranger, but seeing him like that brought up dark memories of her time with Ethan. Injecting her, keeping her huddled away from everyone else. Telling her it was for the best that he'd take her baby.

Shizuo's situation was nothing like that, but it didn't matter. People could get you to do most anything while you were in that state, and knowing that they still did that here put Claire on edge (as if she wasn't there already).

Dishing up her lunch - something recognizable this time, if not local - had her thinking of Edward's words this morning. Was the food poisoned or wasn't it? Her hunger was driving her insane by this point. A couple days without food, even considering her experiences with the island? That was rough. She thumbed the tray longingly as it was passed into her hands. The food looked delicious. Smelled delicious. Smelled like things she hadn't eaten in ages, smells that reminded her of home.

This time, she did not immediately make her way to the trash can. Instead she drifted, curious and desperate, over to the tables. She looked up just in time to spot someone that put a smile on her face.

Goku, he said his name was? Thank god he was all right. Poor little thing.

Claire settled into the chair across from him without warning, flashing him a genuine smile and hoping that he would recognize her in the daylight. "Hello, Goku."

Goku had been stuck in the cycle of fork to mouth for the last three minutes. How he managed to breathe was anyone's guess, but he was still going strong, even when a light voice called his name. He thought it was another nurse at first, but they never called him Goku, only Billy. So the monkey boy took a break and lifted his face from his plate out of curiosity, his cheeks filled to the brim with an array of meat products like a rabid chipmunk.

He stared blankly at her for a moment, munching away at the load of cargo he held in his mouth, until it finally clicked. "Oooohhh! Yer da gur'!" Thankfully, Goku was selfish enough and skilled enough to make sure none of the food flew out of his mouth while he shouted.

Wow, the little guy was hungry. The sight of him munching down at ninety miles a minute had her stomach groaning even harder than before. Good god, it was getting so painful. There was nothing more she wanted to do but dig in right along with him, yet even now she held back with wary eyes.

"I'm Claire," she reminded him. "Glad to see you're doing all right. I've been worried. You haven't been going out alone, have you?"

Her eyes drifted to his plate, then to her own. He didn't look feverish. Or dazed, like Shizuo. Knowing kids and how bad growing boys were supposed to be for your kitchen, this performance was probably a pretty common one for him. And he'd been here at least as long as she had. Claire was in no way an expert on chemistry or pharmaceuticals or anything of the sort, but if no effects had kicked in by now, could she be sure that there were any drugs in the food at all?

Hesitantly, she leaned in and spoke in a hushed voice. Truth be told it was kind of embarrassing to be asking a kid about this, but children had less reason to lie than adults did. Usually. "Hey - you haven't gotten sick since you got here, have you?"

His big black eyes sparkled at Claire's first question. "Yeah! Well, I was lookin' for that monster, but then I ran into this other guy. And I think he wanted to go to the kitchen, so I showed him where that was. We didn't find any monsters, though..." Goku had been genuinely disappointed with that. All that build up and he had simply woken up in his bed the next morning. Oh well! At least he had gotten a filling dinner out of it!

He continued stuffing his face until the woman stopped him again, her expression rather serious. Goku got serious too. His brows knitted together as he listened with actual focus. "Sick? No, I feel fine! I've felt fine since I been here. But...." He paused and looked down at his tray with a frustrated scowl. "I'm not as strong since before I got here. It's like.... all my training is gone and I hafta start all over again..."

She supposed that at that age, some kids might find the idea of mythical monsters exciting. This probably seemed like a game to him, what with the way his eyes had lit up while he talked. Claire, on the other hand, remained unreadable. His enthusiasm was tugging at something inside her chest. She had a right to be worried, didn't she? It was only natural, considering how young Goku was and that he seemed to be alone here. "You shouldn't go out looking for monsters, Goku. Not even with other people. It's dangerous," she implored him, brows drawn together and a worry line lurking at the corner of her mouth. "We're better off looking for a way out. Then we won't have to worry about monsters or anything."

He was taking her second question quite a bit more seriously, though, and that helped to calm her nerves. Just a little. Unlike his answer, which was definitely not something she was expecting. "Wait - what? 'Training'? What do you mean by training?"

Claire blinked at the boy, baffled. What did that have to do with anything? Training for what? Grasping for an explanation, Claire's mind wandered back to their first meeting. Shortly after that weird announcement on the intercom, both Goku and Rika had stopped speaking English. Could that be what he was referring to? That he was having difficulty with the language, or...but he was doing perfectly well right now, so that couldn't be it.

This didn't make any sense.

wow so short sorry /)_(\

"But..." The young boy tilted his head to the side, not exactly comprehending why she was so worried for him. "I'm really good at it!" Even before his extensive training with Master Roshi, he had been perfectly able neutralizing boars and wolves and cooking over a spit. Man, just thinking about real food was making his stomach growl.

"I know martial arts," he continued to explain, taking a few bites between his words. "I train everyday, ya know? There's always someone out there stronger than me, so I gotta keep practicin' so I can win! Monsters are good practice, but..." Goku looked down at his plate again. "... this place makes me feel weird. Makes me feel weak. I need to keep trainin' so I can get back all th'ground I lost..."

Re: wow so short sorry /)_(\

"That's not the point. What if something happened to you and no one was around to help?" He wasn't taking this seriously. He wouldn't be half so bouncy if he was. While Claire was a little relieved for it (if he hadn't found a reason to start being scared, then nothing bad had happened to him yet), she knew that attitude was going to get him killed. She pursed her lips and leaned across the table to put a light hand on his shoulder, locking their eyes together. "Promise me you won't go out there alone. No matter what."

She held that steady gaze for a few moments before drawing back to her seat.

His remark about the training still didn't make complete sense. Even if he felt weak, that wouldn't erase his knowledge of the moves. That wasn't to say there was no value in his answer, though. He was only a kid, he couldn't be expected to get everything straight. "How do you mean 'weak'? Are you dizzy? Or...more tired than usual? Like all your strength is gone?"

Goku stared at her silently for what seemed like minutes. His big, black eyes didn't waver under her serious expression. But his pouting didn't seem to be swaying her, so finally he relented and nodded to her. Claire said not to go out alone. If he found another person to follow around then he would be fine and he could start hunting down monsters again.

But planning would come later. For now, this woman in front of him continued to ask him about his training. "Ah? Well--" His stubby arms crossed over his chest as the monkey boy tried to put his words into a coherent sentence. "--I do get more tired than normal. I mean, I can run all day and be good, but here I start losin' my breath after runnin' up too many stairs. That ain't right. Somethin' about this place is... weird..." That was about all Goku could extrapolate from the institute.

A nod. A good enough promise for now, but Claire couldn't be sure he would listen to her advice. He was pretty rambunctious, and more than a little over-eager to jump into the thick of things. She would not be surprised if he didn't run out the door the moment night came anyway.

She'd do what she could to keep him safe, but Claire knew it would be impossible to watch him all the time.

"That doesn't sound too strange. You're still up and running, and you'd have to get tired sometime." She leaned back in her chair. Though her eyes never moved, her gaze seemed to drift past Goku as she mulled his words over. She could agree that the institute was weird, but what he was describing was nothing out of the ordinary. "I mean like, have you passed out without meaning to? Or felt sick sick? Woozy, sluggish - like you can't move at all? Or it's harder to think?"

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