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Day 52: Game Room
nobody knows
full_score wrote in damned
Lunch had taken his mind from his worries, if only for a few minutes. But after the intercom sounded and the nurses began leading patients onto the next activity, one look at the bulletin board brought everything back in full force. No replies from Ashton, Dias or Dad. By now Claude felt like he was practically counting down until the end of the day, when he was going to have to finally grapple with the real possibility that most of his friends from before Landel's, as well as his own father, had fallen victim to the institute.

And now he was going to have to deal with his mother being here on top of that. It didn't seem like a coincidence that she'd show up right when his father's whereabouts were so up in the air. But what did it mean? Why couldn't Landel leave his family out of this?

Normally, the announcement about new video games would have made him perk up, but his eyebrows only knit together with concern as his nurse led him into the game room. That didn't seem to stop her from trying to get him to unwind, though.

"Oh, come now, Thomas, you've worn that expression for most of the day!" she told him with a frown. "Why don't you have a bit of fun now that your eyes are all better? I'm sure you could use it."

The last thing he wanted was to be reminded of his "sleep studies", he darkly thought to himself. But before he could protest, his nurse had sat him down in front of one of the television screens. There was an old gaming console, one Claude had never seen before, and he glanced at her with a confused expression. "Go on," she encouraged as she placed one of the controllers in his hands. "I know how much you enjoy these kinds of things. Someone will come play with you soon, too, I'm sure. Doesn't that sound nice?"

He didn't have time to answer her, because she'd soon bustled off to tend to some of the other patients. Claude watched her leave with a sigh. He realized the daytime staff meant well, which made knowing what they turned into at night even worse to think about. But now he was just being negative for the sake of it, wasn't he?

Taking in a small breath, he reached over to the console and turned it on. As long as he was waiting for some kind of answer from the bulletin, there probably wasn't much he could do except pass the time. Claude watched the title screen appear on the television, his expression growing more curious in spite of himself. Super Mario Bros....

[For Prussia!]

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Though he appeared attentive to the nurse, Edgar had other things on his mind. The bulletin board still proved to be a frustrating method of communication- no new information on how to reach the basement, and the day was nearly through. Perhaps cryptic questions meant to dodge the attention of the nurses only garnered cryptic answers, or there were other reasons the patients didn't share such information lightly.

While Edgar felt that ending Landel's reign of torture and kidnapping was paramount, it was likely not everyone felt that way. They had a common enemy, but were unwilling to see the need for cooperation. He could understand those who wanted to protect others- he felt the same way, that not everyone should go wandering into the more dangerous areas of the institution- but surely they could see the benefit in spreading the information that was known. If all who knew the entrance were to suddenly disappear, those left would be back at square one.

However, it wasn't all bad news: Locke had replied on the board- thankfully, he'd not vanished so soon after his arrival. Knowing there was someone who'd be on his side he could trust, one not hiding every piece of vital information under lock and key, was encouraging. There was also Gren, whose help had been life-saving. The man in the library, the rebel, had called for the patients to rally together. Not everyone was so reluctant to ally themselves.

Finding a seat on one of the brown couches, Edgar thumbed idly through a deck of cards he'd found sitting on the arm. It seemed nostalgia was everywhere these days.


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