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Day 52: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The intercom jingle was slightly different for this shift, almost as if it had gone up in quality. The Head Doctor gave a sigh of relief, his own voice clear as a bell despite the usual electronic buzz.

"Hello, everyone – from our new and improved intercom system! We've had electronics rehauling our circuitry, and you can hear the result quite nicely! A whole bunch of improvement! Right, anyway...

"As I'm sure you've noticed, we have a whole new bunch of patients that have joined us recently, and because of the changes in our roster, we've updated our roommate assignments, so some of you might be enjoying the company of someone entirely new tonight! Please be polite and friendly to anyone you might encounter!

"Which brings us to... dinner! Tonight, we'll be having a delicious 'bento box' meal consisting of fish and vegetable tempura along with chicken teriyaki, a bowl of steamed rice, miso soup, salad, and... green tea! Decaffeinated, of course. We can't have you bouncing from wall to wall when there's sleep to be had! Our usual assorted drinks and alternative meals are also available. Oh, and... dessert! Green tea ice cream, with a topping of red bean paste.

"I think that's all for now! I'll speak to you once more before bed time."

The intercom clicked off.

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The day, in retrospect, hadn't been so terrible. Not even comparable to the first, with that weird Damon guy and her utter confusion over the mess she had found herself in. She was getting the hang of it now, she thought. The days were spent talking things over and waiting for the night, and the night was spent trying to get out. And avoid whatever strange things they had in store, like the woman with the floating eyes.

Claire narrowed her eyes at the bed opposite. Or her roommate. Almost everyone else she had met thus far seemed decent enough, so why was she stuck with the asylum's only bitch?

She still didn't know her name. A true testament to their friendship.

Tonight's dinner was Japanese food. This, she recognized. Unlike those pigs in blankies from breakfast, tempura and teriyaki were readily available all over Sydney. She eyed them from the head of her bed. Her knees were clutched to her chest, holding in the angry bubble threatening to burst her stomach. It smelled so good. Really good. The image of Goku ripping into his enchiladas came to mind, swallowing them nearly whole. He'd said that he'd lost his 'training', but he hadn't gotten sick. Shizuo had been sedated with needles, most likely. No one else was acting like they were drugged. Alert and mobile, every last one of them.

Could it hurt to maybe...have a bite?

Claire swallowed thickly, watching the steam rise in looping curls from her desk.

Dread overcast Elle's mind at the thought of going back to her room for dinner. Because it meant spending more time with her roommate, the only person in Landel's who probably actually belonged there. Aside from Sylar. He could benefit from life in a mental institution, too. As long as it was a life that wasn't anywhere remotely near her. But the blonde bitch was too close for comfort.

And it definitely wasn't Elle's problem. She'd made friends since arriving at Landel's! Like that Jo girl. And Isaac. And… Peter and Claire were good for something, she guessed. No, the problem in the equation here was the roommate. She had to go. Whatever her name was. After the nurse left Elle in her room, she made her way to her side of the room and her dinner.

She wasn't that big on the Asian food, either. Even her ice cream was ruined by the weird… stuff on top of it. But it was better than starving. She'd slept through breakfast, and the conversation with Claire had killed her appetite at lunch. So she started working her way through the teriyaki chicken. It seemed like the least weird and offensive thing on her plate.

"It's not gonna bite you." Her roommate's hesitation to eat, like most things about her, was annoying. "I mean, probably."

The other girl was greeted with about as much enthusiasm as one would give a vulture. A glare so heavy there was scarcely a need to narrow the eyes. Claire tracked her moving across the room with that piercing gaze, from the door to the desk to the hand reaching for the fork. She watched her bring the first bite to her mouth and saw the light flexing of the jaw muscles as she chewed, the bob of her throat when she swallowed.

The heat faded from the glare. Claire pulled her knees in tighter. She couldn't look away. Not even her roommate's biting remark could yank her out of her fascination.

For the first time since she had come to Landel's, desperation beat out pride and caution. "Has it ever made you sick?"

If the girl had any doubts about what Claire was referring to, all she had to do was follow the line of her stare. It ended directly at her bento box.

Elle looked down at her bento box like she was looking at it for the first time, despite how she'd spent the last few minutes aggressively stabbing her chicken. She hadn't felt especially sick, but now she was overanalyzing every little mundane ache or pain or general feeling of something being off she'd felt since arriving. Could the food be poisoned? But… why would they do that? The Company was always straight-forward with drugging their prisoners.

It still took a lot of effort to remember that this wasn't the Company.

"No," She finally spoke, but slid her food a few inches farther across her desk. "But now I've lost my appetite. Thanks." She fixed a sour glare on Claire, as it to say she held her responsible for every little thing that went wrong in her life in this moment.

"I was just asking," Claire retorted hotly, an ugly snarl curling her lip. "I didn't say I knew for sure!"

She ripped her eyes from her roommate entirely and seethed at the wall beside her. How could anyone be so difficult all the time? It was a simple question. It wasn't Claire's fault that the woman was too dumb to think of the possibility herself. You would think that would be the first thing to come to mind. Why would anyone immediately wolf down on whatever their captors gave them?

They sat in silence for a while. Claire did her best to ignore her roommate and the screaming pain in her belly. She really did. But no amount of fidgeting or pushing her thoughts towards Aaron and escape could change the fact that she needed food. Needed it.

But first, she had to justify it.

"Nobody I've talked to has been sick. Nobody's acting sick, but...I don't know." She wasn't even talking to her roommate at this point. Just murmuring her thoughts aloud, searching for a valid reason to tackle her own meal. "I've heard the strangest things about night time. And what with how we all find ourselves back here no matter what we're doing, it's hard not to think they might slip something in the food. But I've never heard of any drugs working like that. Kicking in hours and hours later."

She brought her thumb to her teeth, absently nibbling on the ragged nail as she thought.

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"Well now I can't eat because I'm going to be wondering if you're right the entire time!!" She shrieked in return. God, leave it to her horrible roommate to ruin everything. Now she was going to starve to death and it would all be Claire's fault.

She stared down her food, like it would somehow tell her if it was poisoned or not if she stared long enough. As she listened to the other blonde go on to herself, her gaze slowly redirected, seething hatred simmering down to only mild annoyance.

"Drugs don't do that." She wasn't basing that on anything much in reality, only her limited knowledge and experience from the Company. "It has to be something else."

You know what? Whatever. She took a sip of her green tea anyway. If she had to choose between being drugged or starving, one had way more benefits than the other.

This woman was unbelievable. A pressure of a different sort tightened her chest, and she could feel the heat of her cheeks turning red. "Oh, so it's my fault?! I never told you to stop eating, okay, I was just asking you a question! You haven't listened to me before this, so why should you start now?!"

Why her? Why was she stuck with such a catty, stupid girl? She was impossible. Everything about her pissed Claire off. Hers was a petty brand of cruelty that she hadn't had to contend with in years. Having it thrust at her now made her remember how frustrating life had been in school, and that only served to make her even more bitter about it.

Claire's temper was on a delicate enough perch these days as it was, and her roommate seemed to be doing her damnedest to push her over the edge entirely.

"Shut up." She spat out the words like poison. "You have no idea what the hell you're talking about."

If Elle had her powers back, Claire would have been dead a long time ago. She was stupid and she was mean and Elle had fried people to a crisp for a lot less than that. Her hands balled into fists at her sides.

"I was just trying to help!" And she was, in her way. It just wasn't a very obviously helpful way. "I used to work in a place just like this, okay? We used to drug people all the time. And I never saw anything like that."

Heaving a sigh, she abandoned her food for good and went to sulk on her bed.

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