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Day 52: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The intercom jingle was slightly different for this shift, almost as if it had gone up in quality. The Head Doctor gave a sigh of relief, his own voice clear as a bell despite the usual electronic buzz.

"Hello, everyone – from our new and improved intercom system! We've had electronics rehauling our circuitry, and you can hear the result quite nicely! A whole bunch of improvement! Right, anyway...

"As I'm sure you've noticed, we have a whole new bunch of patients that have joined us recently, and because of the changes in our roster, we've updated our roommate assignments, so some of you might be enjoying the company of someone entirely new tonight! Please be polite and friendly to anyone you might encounter!

"Which brings us to... dinner! Tonight, we'll be having a delicious 'bento box' meal consisting of fish and vegetable tempura along with chicken teriyaki, a bowl of steamed rice, miso soup, salad, and... green tea! Decaffeinated, of course. We can't have you bouncing from wall to wall when there's sleep to be had! Our usual assorted drinks and alternative meals are also available. Oh, and... dessert! Green tea ice cream, with a topping of red bean paste.

"I think that's all for now! I'll speak to you once more before bed time."

The intercom clicked off.

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Gren wasn't too sure about the dinner they'd come up with for the evening... it looked mercifully grease-free, at least, if a little bland. And he was pretty sure there was more there than he really cared to eat. But he decided to make a go of it, anyway.

He'd come out of the day with a little more information than he'd had going into it, but nothing that was going to help him decide what he needed to do next. For now, at least, he supposed he'd keep exploring, seeing what he could discover and hopefully making it through the night in one piece.

Though the last two shifts had been quiet as far as face-to-face conversations went, Edgar had made some headway through the bulletin board (a shock, considering how secretive and vague people were on the board regarding the basement). Locke was set to visit- Edgar had a long list of topics to discuss with the treasure hunter, but covering them all in one evening was unlikely and unnecessary. He'd find out plenty of information about the institute in his own time. He did need to be brought up to speed on the basement and the darker aspects of Landel's, and then there was Celes. Better he learn of her appearance and apparent defeat from a friend than from the nurses or another patient.

There was also his meeting with the healer on the agenda for the night. Hopefully, Locke wouldn't mind- probably not, given the way he'd been concerned for Edgar's arm the previous night. The first event of the evening would be to get some work done on his new toy before the nightly announcements.

Setting his tray on his desk, Edgar greeted his roommate and headed to his closet, retrieving his toolbox. "Good evening, Gren. I tried my hand at the bulletin board again today to see if I could learn more about the basement, or at least how to access it. No luck yet. How was your exploration last night?"

Gren turned a bit in his seat to watch as Edgar pulled out his tools. "Pretty uneventful, but I couldn't get very far. There were too many fights in the hallways that I had to dodge around," he replied. It had been a little frustrating, but at least now he knew what to expect.

"How about you, any luck getting what you were looking for?" If one of them had managed to accomplish something, he supposed the night hadn't been a total loss.

"While I've not had luck with information about the basement, I've been fortunate in other areas," Edgar replied with a grin as he set the toolbox on his desk. He pulled his journal from his sling, turning it to the maps. "First of all, someone posted maps on the board today. In case you didn't see them, you're welcome to copy mine. It'd probably be a good idea to have them on hand, just in case one of us is taken for the sleep studies at some point." It was a grim thought, but a necessary precaution.

"And I did find what I was looking for last night, along with another surprise," he said, returning to the closet and pulling from it the stringed trimmer. Edgar whistled- it was a beautiful sight, even an entire day later. "With a few modifications, it will be ready for action."

"I hadn't seen those," he admitted. He needed to make a habit of checking the board. It seemed that a lot of information passed through there, even if a lot of it was coded. "I sketched out a few myself, but I'll have to take a look at those later." Edgar was right, it would be useful if either of them were taken, though he sincerely hoped that wouldn't happen.

Gren blinked a little at the trimmer. "You're going to be a terror with that thing, I can tell." Although he did appreciate his roommate's ingenuity, it unnerved him just a bit. Then again, knowing someone who could cobble together a good weapon could only be a plus around here.

"I like to think so," Edgar said with a laugh. "If I find any more beasts roaming around- or if we ever manage to find a way into the basement- at least we'll be prepared for trouble." Setting the trimmer on the desk, he rifled through his toolbox, eager to get to work. He needed to make some progress during dinner. Once Locke arrived, they would have to head to the healer's room or risk keeping them waiting- rude, considering the immense favor he'd be receiving. Hopefully, the healer wouldn't mind that he'd brought a guest.

Speaking of Locke...

"As for that other surprise from last night, I ran into an old friend from my world." It still sounded unbelievable. Edgar's tone was more serious than he would have liked, but given the circumstances, he wasn't ready for celebration just yet. "I can only hope he doesn't disappear, as the last one did. I never thought that would have happened to Celes, but... this place is too much for some people."

"With that thing, trouble may think twice about picking a fight." He wasn't exactly sure what Edgar intended to do with it, but he was sure he'd manage to make it lethal enough to serve as at least a minor deterrent against attacks.

"Oh?" Gren wasn't so sure how he'd feel about having people he knew pop up in this place. Not that he had many friends he'd still been in touch with, but it was the principle of the thing. "I don't think I'd wish this place on anyone, but at least he's a friend and not an enemy." Allies were good, and he supposed it saved a little time if it was someone you already knew and could trust. Not to mention a little reassuring for one's sanity.

He finished eating and shoved the dishes out of the way in order to start laying items out on his desk before stripping the top sheet off of his bed. He didn't have too much to carry thus far, but who knew what he might come across while out? It was best to fashion a crude sling for carrying things now than regret not doing it later on.

"Agreed. He's supposed to be meeting me here tonight. While I'm relieved to see him alive and well, these circumstances aren't the ideal ones for such a reunion." Edgar sighed, the thought that Locke and Celes might not be the only ones to make appearances at Landel's weighing on him. He had to admit that he needed allies, especially given how dangerous Landel could be; however, he'd never wish the institution on anyone, especially not those he considered his friends.

Well, maybe not never. That clown would probably find himself right at home.

It could always be worse, Edgar supposed. It could have been his brother, who would undoubtedly spend his nights trying to save everyone from everything all at once. The thought brought a smile to his face.

As Edgar pulled the lawnmower blades from the bottom of the closet, he noticed Gren pulling the sheet off his bed. "Going after supplies?"

"I guess we just have to take what we're given." Allies were allies, regardless of the circumstances you found them in.

He nodded as he started fashioning the sheet into a crude sort of sling. "Might as well see what I can find while I'm out," he replied, loading the radio and his journal into it before going to the closet to retrieve his shovel.

The intercom came to life overhead as he did so, causing him to pause. "Well, that sounds ominous." He didn't know what that vague remark might imply, but it certainly couldn't be good for them.

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