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Night 52: F11-F20 Hallway
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Asuka had almost missed the eerie, parting words of the head doctor as she hustled around her room. Everything had been eaten so she would have plenty of energy to burn all night. Her roommate never returned to the room, which was more than fine with Asuka. It gave her free reign to bustle around their compact prison cell, grabbing her baseball bat from the wardrobe against the wall, as well as her red jersey Junpei had given her. She wrinkled her nose every time she saw it, but it was her favorite shade of red. It made her stand out and that was very important. The eva pilot also remembered to take along her radio this time after Okita had stressed how important it was.

Since there had yet to be any regular pattern from the nurses suddenly walking in after dinner was handed out, Asuka was confident her preparation would not be discovered. True, her roommate could walk in any minute along with her resident vulture, but the head doctor's broadcast was already running. It wasn't likely she was here any longer. It was the same superficial yammering as the night before and the night before that, so the redhead didn't bother paying much attention. The institute grew silent and dark soon after as Asuka tugged her jersey on over her regular uniform. It was in her struggle that she heard the strange chuckle and the ominous message thereafter.

Well, it was either for them or for another person in his office. Either way, it seemed this night might get interesting. It was hard to manage, but Asuka successfully grabbed her flashlight, radio, and baseball bat before leaving her room for the main hallway.

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Another night shift. Elle wasn't even sure she wanted to leave her room this time-- there was the possibility of running into Sylar again, and now, thanks to Isaac, she had an account of someone actually running into one of the monsters that had just been rumored to be lurking the nighttime hallways. But the alternative was spending more quality time with her roommate, depending on if she left the room or not.

And Elle didn't want to find out what her plans were. She didn't care, frankly.

So she left her room and headed out into the hallway, remembering her bat and flashlight like she had the night before. She had no plans of forgetting them again. Ever.

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Her roommate's departure was as much a cause for celebration as getting off the island was. Claire watched her leave with the same heated glare that had welcomed her in to dinner, and it wasn't until she heard the patter of her footsteps in down the hall that she even bothered moving from the bed.

She had to go. Claire couldn't stand the thought of spending another minute in the same room as her. Let alone sleep while she was around.

It didn't matter now. She was alone for the time being, and finding a way out was top priority. She had to find a way out. Get to the outside and run as fast as she can. (Or maybe wait on that. Keep note of any exits, and see if she could grab the kids tomorrow night and make a break for it. Rika and Goku did not belong here.) This place was dangerous in a way the island hadn't been, and she didn't have the advantage of experience on her side. She knew the Island and its threats like the back of her hand. Back there, she'd known what she was doing. This place was a stranger to her.

Claire fumbled in the darkness for her torch. Under the pillow, right? That's where it had been the first time. She tossed it aside and groped the barren sheets for it. And when she finally gripped the handle, her knuckles brushed along something sharp. Claire paused. She withdrew the torch and flipped it over, spilling light onto her bed.

Rika's knife.

Her eyes lit up. Not so defenseless after all, was she?

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