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Night 52: F11-F20 Hallway
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Asuka had almost missed the eerie, parting words of the head doctor as she hustled around her room. Everything had been eaten so she would have plenty of energy to burn all night. Her roommate never returned to the room, which was more than fine with Asuka. It gave her free reign to bustle around their compact prison cell, grabbing her baseball bat from the wardrobe against the wall, as well as her red jersey Junpei had given her. She wrinkled her nose every time she saw it, but it was her favorite shade of red. It made her stand out and that was very important. The eva pilot also remembered to take along her radio this time after Okita had stressed how important it was.

Since there had yet to be any regular pattern from the nurses suddenly walking in after dinner was handed out, Asuka was confident her preparation would not be discovered. True, her roommate could walk in any minute along with her resident vulture, but the head doctor's broadcast was already running. It wasn't likely she was here any longer. It was the same superficial yammering as the night before and the night before that, so the redhead didn't bother paying much attention. The institute grew silent and dark soon after as Asuka tugged her jersey on over her regular uniform. It was in her struggle that she heard the strange chuckle and the ominous message thereafter.

Well, it was either for them or for another person in his office. Either way, it seemed this night might get interesting. It was hard to manage, but Asuka successfully grabbed her flashlight, radio, and baseball bat before leaving her room for the main hallway.

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Depth Charge would've flown down the hallway if it wasn't for the Scarecrow- one step away from the guy would've left him open to Primus only knew what, and he wasn't prepared to take another hit this evening. Especially not after what had happened last night- that witch was still lurking around here, and if he didn't stay alert the odds were she'd get the better of them for the third time running, 3-0 with no extra time.

One, two, three, four... how many doors could there be in this stupid hallway, anyway? The second he caught sight of the right one he prickled instantly. "There. That's the door." He didn't waste any time. Darting towards the door, he grabbed ahold of the handle and all but tore it off of its hinges, only to find- nothing. The room was completely empty.

The Maximal froze in the doorway for a moment, watching the lights flicker spasmodically down on the room: the neatly-made beds, the desks, the chairs. Empty. Somehow, being able to see made it more difficult to accept- there was nowhere to hide in here anymore.

"... so she's gone, then." He took a few cautious steps into the room, though why he felt he had to be cautious he couldn't say. Respect, maybe? But then, with a low sigh, he sank down into one of the chairs, kneading his forehead. "Should''ve figured. Should've figured it from the start." Forte for a while, Luffy, Blitzwing, and now Hime. There were more, he was sure, but right now the numbers didn't matter.

The look on Depth Charge's face as he searched the room, realizing his friend was truly gone, was an all too familiar one: the Scarecrow had worn it himself that first night they'd met, the night he'd realized he wouldn't be seeing Kaiji again. He stood in the doorway a moment, trying to think of what to say- of course, even if he'd had a brain to think of something, what could he say? Nothing would bring her back.

There was another pause, then an idea. "We can't just give up now, Depth Charge," he said, breaking the silence. He took a step toward his roommate, then looked around to the other side of the room. "She's been gone no more than two days, right? Let's look around- maybe we can find something that'll give us a clue as to what they did with her. She might even still be here, just locked up somewhere. It can't hurt us to try, and we might even learn something we can use later, should this ever happen again."

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Depth Charge barely blinked. Hime hadn't answered his message on the board. She hadn't picked up on the radio which. It wasn't even the right night for those torture sessions according to Javert's notice, so what other possibility was there?

But somewhere in the back of his processor, somewhere in his emotion circuits, there was still some naive glimmer of hope. Besides. You only had to look at the Scarecrow's face to get that he wasn't just throwing slag out to make him feel better. "... yeah. Why not? Not gonna make any difference anyway."

He got up, putting his shears and flashlight on the desk so that his hands were free, and starting to look around the desk; there was a fifty-fifty chance it would be hers, after all. Maybe she'd left a note or something. The top of the desk was empty, as was the first drawer- but one look in the second was enough to shout down that old voice of his that still liked to put his trust in fate. There was the radio. If she was going out, she'd have taken it with her.

Really, he didn't know why he was disappointed. He glanced over to the Scarecrow. "Radio's here. She's probably long gone by now." There was something else there, too, a glint of silver. The ring? Carefully, as though it might burn him, he picked it up and rolled in between his fingers. Now what?

"They still might have taken her somewhere," the Scarecrow said, conducting his own search on the other side of the room. "There's both the Sleep Studies and the Special Counseling, or they might have taken her for some reason we don't know yet. There's an unfortunate amount of options."

Nothing unexpected in the drawers- only the same supplies he'd been given on his arrival. He picked up a stray battery in one of the drawers, reminded that they both ought to go looking for a spare set (after all, taking those would have meant that the patients who were living in the room now would be without them, and that wouldn't have been very nice at all).

Finishing at the closet, the Scarecrow glanced back at Depth Charge, finding him holding something. "What's that?" he asked as he crossed the room, peering around his roommate's shoulders to get a better look.

The Scarecrow had a point about the special counselling- Hime by herself wasn't all that threatening, but get a pointy object in her hands and that was a different pack of protons- but Depth Charge only gave a little grunt of recognition. He'd learned the hard way over the last few decacycles that any sort of expectations usually fell flat on their collective face.

Didn't explain why it still stung, though. Why're you getting so het up, huh? You've heard this song before, DC. Then again, why didn't you see this coming at all? Pit, you've rolled out the 'won't make the same mistake twice' scrap every time, but you keep screwing up. You should know by now it isn't worth getting attached.

"Hmm?" Depth Charge blinked dully for a moment, stirred out of his thoughts, then he held the ring up for the Scarecrow to see. "'s a ring. The one Landel kept talking about. Doesn't look like it's been used, either." Still sounded tired, but he'd work on that later.

"Ring?" Well, so it was. The Scarecrow had to admit that he'd been wondering what all this ring business Wizard Landel mentioned was about, but he'd put it at the back of his mind, what with the Wizard of Oz and Scar's sudden blindness keeping him busy the last couple of nights. He vaguely recalled something about breaking the stone in it, but the rest was mostly a blur of various concerns over his existence and the well-being of his friends. Clearly, it was all too much for his human brain to process.

"This is the first time I've seen one of these," the Scarecrow said, admiring the stone. Knowing the Wizard Landel, it was probably enchanted. "What's it do, exactly?"

Looked like the Scarecrow hadn't been paying too much attention, but Depth Charge figured he wouldn't have been- he wasn't exactly one of those copy-every-second-down-and-analyse-it types you got in cargo-hold-loads around here, after all, and anyway, he'd probably just been sleeping or something. Anyway, explaining gave him something else to think about.

"Heard that if you break the stone it takes you back to the place you were on the night the doors screwed up. Which, in this case? Means right in the middle of Zombieville." And Primus only knew how that could ever be helpful. But it was also, he remembered with a curious pang, from one of the last nights he'd spent with Hime- furiously mowing down zombies. Tch. The sooner he stopped getting sentimental about it and wised up the better, but if he was going to remember her any way... he turned the ring over in his hand. "Guess you could use it for supply runs to town, so long as you don't mind being the meal of the day."

A shiver ran through the Scarecrow as he thought of the town during the night of the bewitched doors (it was also the night they found themselves in the movie store; that night had been trying for the strawman in more than one way). Going back there didn't sound like a good idea at all. "It'd be handy if you ever found yourself surrounded by witches, I suppose," he said with a frown, "though it sounds like you might end up in worse trouble than you started."

Looking back to the open drawer, the Scarecrow picked up the radio, offering it to Depth Charge. "We'd better not forget this. You mentioned it earlier, didn't ya? I don't suppose it takes you to town, too." If that was the case, picking it up unthinkingly probably wasn't smart.

"I guess so," Depth Charge agreed, smiling faintly in the darkness. To be honest, zombies were better than witches (how had he ended up calling them that, too?) in any situation- at least they mostly just stood around, waiting to be hit- but to someone like the Scarecrow they must have seemed just as bad, if not worse in their multitudes.

He took the radio, shaking his head. "Not this thing. It's a two-way radio- you can talk to people through them. You press the button-" he explained, demonstrating, "- and talk into it, and your voice comes out through the other one. Kind of like..." And now he was struggling to find some kind of suitably Olde Worlde version to compare it to. Walkie Talkies? No, no. "... like tin cans on strings. You ever seen people make those?" Primus, it was like calling a gun a boomstick.

"No," the Scarecrow admitted with a shake of his head, "but I'm pretty sure I understand what you mean. That's a handy thing to have around a place like this, what with the long hallways and people getting lost and needing help all the time." Having a direct method of talking to all his friends and checking on them nightly would have been ideal, but unrealistic. He couldn't even get in contact with Dorothy in Kansas while he was Oz, so what were his chances of having the luxury of such communication here?

At least there was always the bulletin board, though the notices had to wait until morning. He nodded to himself, deciding he really did need to ask how a few individuals he'd not spoken to in a while were doing. Abe, Remy, and Sangamon especially. A few days didn't seem like long, but Depth Charge's friend had disappeared within that span, so it was long enough.

He quieted his thoughts as silence filled the room again. "Well, we're not getting anywhere standing around here. Should we go looking elsewhere for her? The lights seem like they're working, so we might not even need our flashlights. Good thing, since they don't seem to be working."

Well, that hadn't made as much sense out loud as it had in his head, clearly. Nonetheless, the Scarecrow seemed to have gotten the idea, judging by his reaction. "Exactly." Depth Charge paused, thinking it over for a nanoklik, then he held out the radio for the Scarecrow to take. "Here. You hold onto this for now. No point in me having two." Then it was back to studiously pretending he hadn't been unable to look the man in the eye. That? That would have been an admission that she was gone for good.

The change in subject that came soon afterwards came as an immense relief, not to mention an opportunity to forget that little implication. "Not sure about looking for her- if she's on guard somewhere she could be anywhere by now, it'd take way too long to find her- but the light's worth taking advantage of. Let's hit the second floor and find some batteries."

With that, he turned back towards the door and marched smartly back out into the hallway, hesitating only for the briefest moment to check for danger. Then he was gone. That his footsteps felt just that little bit heavier had to be all in his processor. A ghost in the machine.

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