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Night 52: F-A Block Hallway
well...., uhmm
lookitmemama wrote in damned
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It was surprising to see that no one else had left yet. All the doors were closed as she walked down her block and into the hallway on her left, though she could clearly hear a few voices here and there, probably talking with their fellow roommate. While she would never admit it openly, being the only one in the hallway was rather creepy. The comfort of knowing people were around, regardless if that gap was a few feet or a few hallways away, was still comforting. Well, there was no point in whining over it. Fear of the dark was for children and ignorant adults, and she was neither.

With a new, determined stride, the eva pilot quickly ate up the corridor to the next door; her only company was the echoing slap of her rubber soles against the linoleum.

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Claire exited the room cautiously, making noiseless tracks from her room to the end of the hall. She was much better off tonight than she had been last time. There was a crude map in her pocket (more useful than not), a radio in the other (we shall have to see), and a long knife in her hand. Her backup defense consisted of five ballpoint pens and a set of keys. If worse came to worst and she lost the knife, she could stab some soft spots with the pens. And threading jagged keys through your fingers made for an excellent punch that gouged and bruised all at once. That trick she had learned from her mother, who had told it to her to keep her safe walking alone around the city.

Hopefully she wouldn't have to resort to that, though. Could be messy, and Claire wasn't tall enough to be taking on fist fights with anyone much bigger than she was.

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