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Night 52: M-A Block Hallway
they see me rollin'
boketa wrote in damned
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"Hmmm..." Goku walked down the hallway with short steps, stubby arms crossed over his chest, as he wandered down the dismally dark corridor that seemed to just continue on forever. This was where he had met Spock last night, but he couldn't really sense anyone else in the hall with him. He took another sniff, but decided to just keep searching elsewhere for a companion for the night. The monkey boy had seen plenty his first night in the institute a few hallways away. That would be the best place to start looking.

With a destination in mind, Goku quickly jogged down the hall and opened to door ahead of him.

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[From here.]

To Edgar's surprise, the halls were dimly illuminated, the lights having some remnants of power from the electrical surge during Landel's broadcast. Perhaps luck was on the patients' side for a change... that, or Landel wanted the lights on for some reason. It was probably best they stay on their guard, just in case.

He glanced over his shoulder. "This is probably going to sound like an odd question, but humor me: what's the last thing you recall before being brought here?"

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