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Night 52: West Wing, South Hall 1-B
lookitmemama wrote in damned
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Another bare hallway, Asuka observed once she poked her head out of the F-A block and shined her light back and forth. Even when she left her room rather promptly, there was almost always a handful of patients coming or going. Maybe she had just been way too uptight tonight for this mission. But was that such a terrible thing? This initiative clearly displayed her commitment to the club. The eva pilot had to show Okita that she was determined, that she showed leadership qualities so she could rise through the ranks. Higher rank gave her access to better resources, which got her closer to getting the hell out of this place.

No, there was nothing wrong with a little hustle at all. The other new members could learn from her, certainly. Keeping her objectives in sight, Asuka kept following the hallway until it split into the common area that most patients used to rendezvous with others.

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At least Landel's little trick had one benefit: they didn't need to worry about their flashlights for the time being. In the last hallway the lights had barely been above a glow, and in this one they were flickering like fireflies- albeit in a way that just skimmed a few too many bad memories for Depth Charge's liking (why is the lighting always the first thing to go in bad dreams?)- but there was just enough enough to move by. If anything, Landel had managed to make it easy for them. Some evil genius he was.


High on nerves, Depth Charge's heel-turn could've skinned the Scarecrow's nose if they'd been walking any closer, but even after he'd scanned every inch of the hall the only thing he saw behind them was their two shadows. He hesitated, then threw an uneasy glance back to his roommate. "Did you see that?"

"See what?" the Scarecrow asked as he looked around him, first craning his neck to look over Depth Charge's shoulder, then looking over his own shoulder back the way they'd come. Even with the thin lighting, he could see fairly well- if there'd been anything to see, of course. Nothing back there but more hallway and their trailing shadows.

It occurred to him that while there being some light in the halls was a good thing- especially given that neither of their flashlights was willing to work- because they could easily see anything that may have been lurking in the dark, in turn, said lurkers could see them more easily too. Not wanting to linger too long, he pressed down the hallway, retrieving his journal from his pocket.

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"I'll be happy if I never see her again," he said as they rounded the corner into the southern hall, shaking his head. "Some of witches from the second floor aren't so bad, once you get to know them, but I think she's just a nightmare."

Heading toward the main hall again, the Scarecrow shifted his shoulders- too stiff for his liking- as a curiosity came to his mind. "Was she in the Horrible Hallway again, or elsewhere?"

"You and me both, but this time I ran into her out on the rec field," he explained, reflexively rubbing at the raw-meat coloured bruises ringing his neck like some sort of collar. "Got me good, too, but the night ended before she could finish things."

Which reminded him, he still hadn't heard back from the blonde woman. That at least made a little more sense than not hearing back from Hime; she'd barely been able to write out on the field. He'd have to try a more direct approach some other time.

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