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Night 52: West Wing, South Hall 1-B
lookitmemama wrote in damned
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Another bare hallway, Asuka observed once she poked her head out of the F-A block and shined her light back and forth. Even when she left her room rather promptly, there was almost always a handful of patients coming or going. Maybe she had just been way too uptight tonight for this mission. But was that such a terrible thing? This initiative clearly displayed her commitment to the club. The eva pilot had to show Okita that she was determined, that she showed leadership qualities so she could rise through the ranks. Higher rank gave her access to better resources, which got her closer to getting the hell out of this place.

No, there was nothing wrong with a little hustle at all. The other new members could learn from her, certainly. Keeping her objectives in sight, Asuka kept following the hallway until it split into the common area that most patients used to rendezvous with others.

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Though alone, Edgar couldn't help getting that feeling he was being watched, followed as he moved through the hallways. A glance over his shoulder revealed nothing- nothing more than his shadow, anyway. He'd hoped it might just be Locke, his mind changed or set on a prank. Either would have been welcome to the alternative of it being one of Landel's monsters.

Edgar kept moving- that gut feeling probably wasn't about anything good, and lingering was an invitation for an attack.

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