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Night 52: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
holy crap!
boketa wrote in damned
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"Ah...!" This wasn't the right hallway yet, but he could tell it was close from the fresh smell of patients off in the distance. He continued to jog briskly down the hallway, making sure to control his breathing so he didn't get winded so easily. There would be a lot of running (he hoped, at least) this night and it would be good for him to return to his basics in order to ration his stamina. Unfortunately, honing his stamina did nothing for his irregularly terrible night vision. Out of nowhere, he bumped into the wall beside him, squawking like a bird at the sudden impact.

"Jeez..." At least he only got hit on his forehead, that was the thickest part of him really. Keeping one small hand on the side of the hallway for safety, he continued forward, grumbling softly.

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[from here]

Two nights. When he thought about it like that-- well, why hadn't he noticed sooner? Never mind the fact that he hadn't seen any number of the people he knew here for longer than that by now. Like Forte. Should've been keeping a closer eye on them, but-

Well. Some glorified babysitter he was turning out to be. Depth Charge pushed on, down the hallway- and then stopped as the intercom gave its usual crackle-and-hiss routine to pave the way for the Head Doctor's voice. And tonight it sounded like he had a guest star.

"Is that...?" The slap broke him off. That answered where Jill had vanished too. He stood for a moment, letting the hazy wash of anger and frustation wash over him- then he should his head. "C'mon. Forget that guy. We need to move." The man was still talking as he powered on.

The Scarecrow barely time to work backward from Depth Charge's answer (two nights ago? Messing with the languages? He'd been watching the movie and hadn't noticed anything odd) before the intercom crackled to life, the Wizard Landel's voice filling the halls. With him came the sound of another- Jill? He'd heard the name a few times, but hadn't really put much thought into it, aside from thinking she was maybe another patient--

His thoughts were cut off with the sounds that followed, a slap and a cry of pain and Landel going on about hypocrites and someone named Alek. Depth Charge kept moving, insisting they ignore it. The Scarecrow had half a mind to follow the order without question (he didn't have a brain, after all- it was probably best he didn't try to manage things), but he couldn't shut the announcement out as it continued.

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