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Night 52: Main Hallway, 1-West
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[To here]

"Made it..." She whispered triumphantly as she walked quietly into the dark and quiet hallway first. It was hard to decide where the best place would be to stand since once others began to flood in, Asuka could easily be overshadowed by the taller adults. "Hmmm..." The best she could guess was to hug the opposite wall by the doorway and hope she would pick out the two members once they entered.

Remember, Asuka, you aren't the veteran here.

This wasn't NERV anymore. She had no one under her to display her impressive and extensive training to. The redhead was a newbie like the ones she was going to be working with, though perhaps a bit more intelligent. This first mission was important for popularity's sake. She needed to play nice for now, gauge their strengths and weaknesses until she knew who she could topple the easiest.

[Waiting on Agatha and Zevran]

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[From here.]

Well! Now here he was. Carter rubbed his ring nervously, watching the passing shadows of the other patients in their ones and twos and threes. He could just break it now, of course, but then he wouldn't know what he was looking at...

Maybe he'd just ask the next girl who came along. That was what Colonel Hogan did and there wasn't a woman in Europe who could say no to Colonel Hogan.

(Except Frauelein Linkmeyer, and who'd want to say yes to her?)

[From here.]

The hallway was packed, just like last time. Claire scowled and ducked through the huddles of people, all waiting on one another or milling around uselessly. Why were so many of the patients happy to just waste their damn time standing around like that? No one was even trying to get out.

They could suit themselves, then. Claire was as good as gone once she found her way.

The grip on the knife tightened more than ever as she squeezed through the crowd. She didn't want to accidentally graze someone as she walked. She also didn't want someone to notice she had a knife and try to take it from her. Good weapons seemed like they would be a rarity around here. She doubted any of the locks besides the ones on the bedrooms were undone. They wouldn't want the patients to start supplying themselves if they could help it.

Though Claire did her best to watch where she was going, she still brushed far too close to one of the loiterers for comfort. If you could call it a 'brush' - her shoulder had slammed pretty heavily into his. Immediately, Claire tensed. Being around this many people at once was unnerving in the dark. Touching them made that feeling all the worse. She swung the torch upwards, shining it just to the side of the man's face.

No one she knew.


And there was a woman! How convenient for him. She was a little older and sort of frizzy around the edges, but then again Carter wasn't much of a Sinatra himself.

Carter fell back against the wall (what was with girls knocking him over today) and raised a hand to block the glare. "It's okay," he said, putting on a big friendly smile. "Hey, do you want to go outside tonight? I need someone who knows a little more future than me and you look pretty sharp."

He waved the hand he was holding up and flipped it around, demonstrating the blood-red ring around his index finger. Since she was from the future she would certainly know what it meant and maybe even how it worked.

The flashlight lowered to a more bearable angle. Claire shook her head, baffled. "Wait, what?"

The man's offer had come so fast Claire hadn't even had time to realize what it was. She had been expecting something like 'No worries' in return and had already begun turning away when she noticed that he was still talking. And, apparently, inviting her along for a trip. So just who was this guy? She was certain she'd never seen him before in her life. Two perfect strangers. Why was he asking her along?

To his credit, he seemed too dopey for it to be the first reason that came to mind. (And frankly, between the two of them Claire was clearly the bigger danger here.) Maybe he was just afraid to venture out alone. Or perhaps he needed someone to do the fighting for him. Her knife would have made her a likely recruit.

Still. Even if he was offering her a way outside, she couldn't be sure what his motivations were. Claire regarded him uneasily, gaze flicking briefly to the ring. There had been that weird speech on the intercom about rings her first night here. Could this one be what the doctor was talking about?

"Where are you planning to go?"

Carter flipped his hand back around and looked at his ring. "The pet shop in Doyleton, I think," he said consideringly. "That was the last place I was before I woke up. And I'd really like somebody who's from around here and around now to come with me so I don't get too confused, y'know?" All smiles and fluff, no alterior motives here at all.

It was a shame he'd miss the radio show tonight, but Dr. Landel hadn't said anything about Jill so maybe they were taking a break. If not he could get the details from somebody else tomorrow--the show did go very slow and seemed to like leaving you guessing about what exactly was going on.

Carter twisted his ring again and locked his fingers together, looking hopeful.

The pet shop. Doyleton.

She must have still been dazed, as it took another couple of seconds to put two and two together and realize that he was talking about somewhere that wasn't the institute. As in, he had a way outside.

Claire faced him fully then, easing off a bit of the edge in her stare. Caution wasn't entirely thrown out the window, but the more the man talked the harder it was to imagine his intentions were anything less than pure. And if he knew how to escape from here, then Claire was more than willing to trail along. (So long as she kept her knife in hand. Better safe than sorry.)

"I'm not from around here, but I can go with you." It was true in every sense. Claire had never left Australia before that awful plane trip, and she hadn't left the island since the crash. America was unfamiliar, but less intimidating than he seemed to think it was.

Her eyes flicked briefly to the doors. "Are we going out that way or do you have something else in mind?"

"No, no, we use this!" Carter again waved the ring hand at her, the little stone glinting when it crossed the beam of the flashlight. "Dr. Landel said how it works, you just smash it open and you're there." And something about redoing it with blood, he wasn't quite sure he remembered how. He'd ask tomorrow.

Not here-here counted as long as she was also from now. All Carter needed was someone to explain the flying cars and rocket tubes for when they inevitably came across them.

With an eager grin Carter held his free hand out to the woman who he'd just met and whose name he hadn't asked. Of course she would never stab him in the back.

What the hell was that supposed to mean?

Claire stared at the ring, dumbfounded, as the man segued into a half-cocked explanation about smashing the stone and the doctor telling him to use it. Her mouth opened, then promptly clicked shut again.

She wanted to call him crazy and be done with it, and she would have if not for the fact that she remembered Landel's speech over the intercom. She'd thought it was nothing more than mad rambling at the time, but there had definitely been something about the rings using portals. Something like that. To be honest she hadn't paid that much attention once the thing had strayed beyond all believability.

Her mind cast back to her first night here. She'd seen a woman step out of a hole in the air, with eerie, disembodied eyes floating all around her. Bella had mentioned that creature that came out from the mirrors.

Years ago, she would have excused herself and walked away as fast as she could. But having seen the things she'd seen on the island, and even in her short time here - wasn't that enough reason to at least consider the idea?

Claire said nothing. She did not smile back at him. Her eyes flicked from the ring to his face, still wary, and she pocketed her flashlight. She grasped his hand in her own.

If this was a trick, she would cut his throat. He wouldn't have the leeway to dodge at this range. If not...well, they would see how the night went.

"Hang on--" Carter started to say, before Dr. Landel's voice came over the loudspeaker. The sergeant's wide grin faded as he looked up. Was it the radio show or was he speaking right to them? It was creepy, more creepy than normal. It sounded like Dr. Landel was really hurting Jill, and was feeling pretty good about himself to boot.

This wasn't the kind of show Carter liked at all. He felt a strange urge to just break the stone and get out, a feeling like something really bad was going to happen. At his side his fingers curled into a fist and his expression became slightly fearful.

It had better just be an act. Carter had heard that sort of 'we're all the dark same inside' speech before from plenty of people--he'd heard it out of the SS men taunting Colonel Hogan, or Burkhalter mocking their brave American efforts, out of murderers and liars and people who really liked to make sure everyone else hurt more than they did. The Future had confused him plenty but nobody had ever said Nazis were deserving of respect or life and that kept things in their natural order.

It was wrong, Carter knew, and he'd punch anyone who said it to his face and wasn't holding a gun to his chest at the same time. But sometimes the people that said ithad such sweet convincing voices that they made him forget himself and wonder if the German eagle and the American eagle were the same thing.

At the sound of the bursting bulbs Carter yelped, and his arm reflexively jerked to slam his closed fist into the wall.

The stone broke and the world twisted.

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