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Night 52: Main Hallway, 1-West
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"Made it..." She whispered triumphantly as she walked quietly into the dark and quiet hallway first. It was hard to decide where the best place would be to stand since once others began to flood in, Asuka could easily be overshadowed by the taller adults. "Hmmm..." The best she could guess was to hug the opposite wall by the doorway and hope she would pick out the two members once they entered.

Remember, Asuka, you aren't the veteran here.

This wasn't NERV anymore. She had no one under her to display her impressive and extensive training to. The redhead was a newbie like the ones she was going to be working with, though perhaps a bit more intelligent. This first mission was important for popularity's sake. She needed to play nice for now, gauge their strengths and weaknesses until she knew who she could topple the easiest.

[Waiting on Agatha and Zevran]

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The Wizard Landel's voice was only an echo in the main hallway as he seemingly finished his speech, and the Scarecrow thought the announcement might be over- that was until the lights suddenly sprang to life. The corridor was illuminated brightly for only a moment before a light above him cracked, the sudden noise causing the Scarecrow to drop his flashlight as he nearly leapt from his own skin. His skin remained intact, albeit a couple of feet from where he'd been standing.

The lights faded, leaving the hall dimmer, but more lit than it had been before. "Well, that's certainly unusual," he said over the distinct thudding from his chest, trying to find his lost flashlight. "What was that about?"

The sudden white glare, the high-pitched crack of glass laid over that electrical whine like steel claws running through plating, it all hit too close to home for Depth Charge, and his immediately reaction was to gasp and jerk back against the wall, shears raised in defense. Don't let it warp your visual circuits, he's just thrown a flare, switch over to motion sensors before the slagger can-

Then he breathed out. Slowly. A tad shakily. Just a cheap scare, then, or whatever constituted the Institute equivalent of a cat jumping out from behind a garbage pail. Quickly, before the Scarecrow could notice he'd fallen for it, he straightened up. "Beats me. Whatever it is, it's bad news." Primus. His voice was just about steady. What was that about letting sleeping dogbots lie?

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It was only out in the main hallway, however, that the rest of the Scarecrow's answer hit Depth Charge square in the common sense. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at the Scarecrow.

"Hold on a second. Some of the witches? There are more of them? And they're nicer?" He shook his head wonderingly: it was true. The Scarecrow really could make friends with anything and anyone if it suited him. Next thing he knew the guy would be charming Protoform X out of the courtyard fish pond. "Primus, what did you do, have a tea party with them?"

"It was more like arts and crafts than a tea party," the Scarecrow answered plainly, as though her being a witch- he'd have to remember that Agatha did not like being called that- wasn't all that unusual. He supposed he should have known she'd turn out being not so bad, seeing how she didn't look the part- everyone knew only bad witches were ugly, and the Mangled Witch was no exception (and given her mangled status, it was hard for her to be anything otherwise).

Then again, he'd met several witches and wizards in his short existence, and only a few of them had turned out wicked. The Witch of the West would have found herself right at home at Landel's.

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