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Night 52: Main Hallway, 1-West
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[To here]

"Made it..." She whispered triumphantly as she walked quietly into the dark and quiet hallway first. It was hard to decide where the best place would be to stand since once others began to flood in, Asuka could easily be overshadowed by the taller adults. "Hmmm..." The best she could guess was to hug the opposite wall by the doorway and hope she would pick out the two members once they entered.

Remember, Asuka, you aren't the veteran here.

This wasn't NERV anymore. She had no one under her to display her impressive and extensive training to. The redhead was a newbie like the ones she was going to be working with, though perhaps a bit more intelligent. This first mission was important for popularity's sake. She needed to play nice for now, gauge their strengths and weaknesses until she knew who she could topple the easiest.

[Waiting on Agatha and Zevran]

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[From here; continuing without Locke due to droppage. :(]

Edgar passed into the main hallway, now alone in his travel- before he'd been able to get an answer from Locke, the treasure hunter had decided maybe it'd be best of they split up after all and talked in the morning. The idea had merit- after all, Edgar didn't expect they'd have time for much exploration after dealing with the healer, depending on how long the process took. It'd be a night wasted for Locke, who had unique skills he could be putting to good use. With a nod and a reminder not to stir up too much trouble, the two had parted ways.

No matter- perhaps the healer would have some information she could share regarding the institute. It wouldn't hurt to ask. And with Locke not around, Edgar wouldn't face teasing in the morning about his methods.

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