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Night 52: M-B Block Hallway
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As Claude made his way through the dark, he considered the message he'd seen on the bulletin just before dinner. Guy had invited him to come along for...whatever he'd had planned. To be honest, he wasn't too sure of what he'd agreed to do tonight. But with how crazy everything had been the past several days, he wouldn't have been surprised if he'd made plans with his friend and somehow forgotten it. The thought made him feel kind of embarrassed, and he hadn't wanted to draw more attention to that kind of slip than was necessary. After all, he didn't want anyone thinking he was unreliable, especially after how much time and care Guy had put into looking after Claude during the last two nights.

Even if the trip hadn't been planned before today, though, Claude was still glad to get a chance to help out and make himself useful. He didn't want to get rusty with his sword or anything, after all. Plus it was hard to imagine his friends going off to face the institute's dangers without him, even if part of him realized that things very well could have played out that way if it hadn't been for Natalia.

But now wasn't the time to think about stuff like that, and Claude did his best to focus on what was right in front of him. There wasn't a single soul in the hallway yet. He passed by the entrance to Guy's hallway, his steps slowing down. Maybe they could walk to the meeting place together? It was what they usually did for things like this, anyway. Not only that, but after what had happened in the library this morning, Claude knew he owed Guy a proper explanation. Even though he probably wouldn't have been able to explain much until tomorrow, he at least wanted to acknowledge that he appreciated Guy's support today.

There was also everything that had happened with some of Guy's missing memories. His friend hadn't given him an update about that for awhile now, though Claude assumed part of it was because he hadn't want to be a burden to someone who was recovering from experimentation. Now that he was better, he intended to find out if anything had changed since their talk in the sun room that day. Like the mess with Mom, though, he'd probably have to wait to delve into that, too. Talking about heavy stuff while walking around at night usually didn't work out too well for them.

Frowning to himself, Claude leaned against the wall and waited for Guy to appear.

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[from here]

Depth Charge all but left dents in the linoleum. As always the hallway was dark and spooky and mysterious, and why the Pit was he even wasting time thinking about it? Didn't help that his flashlight was down for the count, but still.

After a moment, he glanced back over his shoulder, peering slightly for the shadow- still couldn't get used to not having thermovision to back him up. "You with me, Scarecrow?" Part of him hoped he'd just end up talking to himself, but at the same time he wanted an answer. As for why... he didn't want to think about it right now.

The Scarecrow followed Depth Charge in the dark, his flashlight refusing to work without a lot of coaxing. Once they found the missing friend, he thought he might suggest they go looking for batteries. He noticed Depth Charge not using his light either- perhaps his flashlight was in the same powerless state.

"Right behind you," he answered, taking a couple of quicker steps to keep up with Depth Charge's pace.

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