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Night 52: West Wing, North Hall 1-A
[fight] not gonna stand here and wait
zack_fair wrote in damned
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Even though the hallway seemed especially quiet tonight, Zack wasn't bothered. He was used to moving around in quiet areas on his own, from caverns to wide open fields to shorelines. He didn't get spooked very easily, and if anything, he felt like he was in his element. He had a weapon in hand was was moving at his own pace, not trailing after anyone else or being followed by someone. As much as he realized that working solo wasn't possible here, sometimes he wished he could still have the luxury of only having to rely on himself.

"Ahh well," he muttered to himself as he took a few testing swings with the pry bar. This was yet another thing he had to thank Tifa for. He was hoping the metal wouldn't bend when he actually started to pummel monsters with it, but there was really only one way to test that. Though he also had to wonder if it could double as a way to get doors open when they were being difficult.

Zack was still jealous of Cloud's sword, but he had to remind himself that he had a materia to test out. He still didn't think that sizzled zombie flesh sounded like something he wanted to be exposed to, but sometimes sacrifices had to be made.

He'd set the meeting spot as the hallway by the stairs, and so Zack continued down the corridor. At this rate, he'd probably beat Tifa there.

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[From here.]

Despite only having the dim light from working flashlights in the main hall ahead to guide them, the Scarecrow found his sight to be working fairly well in the darkness. He noticed he was falling behind again (while Depth Charge didn't voice his concerns, his haste gave him away) and took another large step, stumbling for a second as he overstretched his legs. The thought that the clever little thing might take his sight away as it did for Scar worried him- he was not about to be left in the dark if it happened.

"When was the last time you saw this friend of yours?" he asked. The Scarecrow hadn't seen Kaiji for days before he disappeared, and if that was the case with Depth Charge's friend, then maybe they could find a common thread between those who vanished. There had to be something that set them apart from the rest of the patients (aside from their aforementioned vanishing).

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The sound of scuffling caught Depth Charge's attention- Primus, he was alert enough to hear a screw dropping a galaxy away- and he whipped around almost immediately, catching sight of the Scarecrow's form dip then suddenly rise again behind him. Maybe he was going a little fast. If Hime was asleep she wasn't going anywhere- and if she wasn't asleep...

"The night Landel messed with the languages," he explained bluntly, interrupting himself. His pace slowed just a fraction to something more reasonable; if he was going fast enough to make it a struggle for the man to keep up, he was being too obvious. "Must be two nights ago now."

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