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Nightshift 55: West Wing, North Hall 1-A
mustbethesuit wrote in damned
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Wow. Was he the first one out tonight? There was literally no one here.

Peter blinked at the expansive hallway before him, trying to calculate the amount of time it had taken him to gather up his supplies and truck on over here. It couldn't have been more than five minutes. Less than that, probably. Geez, this was creepy though.

All the more reason to keep on moving. A wee boy alone in a big empty hallway was like Two Buck Tuesdays at Benny's All Beef Hot Dogs for monsters. Any minute now he'd be swarmed with bats the size of cocker-spaniels or something.

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Now that the Scarecrow had reached the hallway, he had a decision to make: head toward the Recreational Field, or try another way out? Nothing about the night's announcement had been reassuring: the initial silence, the mention that there would be more changes in the coming days, or the note that there would be casualties. He may not have been very bright, but the Scarecrow knew that didn't sound at all well.

Thinking back to his decision, he looked toward the door at the end of the hall. It was only a short walk to the snow through there: one door, and he was outside. He stopped himself after two steps toward it, making an abrupt spin and heading in the other direction. He'd had a second thought, suddenly reminded of the dogs he'd seen out there during the night. He didn't want to have to face them again, and certainly not alone.

There were still other options. He could head through the Sun Room toward the Courtyard; however, there were usually witches lurking above the Sun Room, it was probably no safer than heading into the field. Maybe the front entrance? He'd met Mele there when she was brainwashed, but there was a chance the room would be empty- it was probably a better chance than the Sun Room being unguarded.

Yes, he nodded to himself. To the entrance!

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