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Nightshift 55: Main Hallway, 1-West
mustbethesuit wrote in damned
[From here.]

All righty. First one here. Surprise surprise.

Peter took a thin breath and took up a post across from the hall, where he could watch both entrances for the gang. His arms crossed and he leaned against the wall. The whole thing was rather broody-looking, to be honest. Not the kind of chipper attitude you expected from a guy dressed like a cast member of Cirque du Soleil.

He was allowed to have bad moods. They happened. He hadn't started the night in one, but he'd tripped into it easily enough on his own. That sort of thing happened when your life sucked this much, okay. There was no sanctuary from the suckage. He sighed yet again. It'd be easier to perk up once somebody else showed up. Then he could push his mind away from all of this garbage and pound some small talk out of it.

Not to mention that waiting out here alone in the big hallway was twice as creepy as it was moving alone through the little ones. His flashlight swung back and forth. Please don't let anything be creeping on me in the dark. Please please please...

He was so not in the mood for whatever monstrosities were lying in wait for him. And knowing Landel's, they were.

[For the Platonic Family!! Y'all know who you are.]

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[From here.]

The Scarecrow clicked his flashlight off and on as he crossed into the main hall, taking a left and heading for the Entry Room. He leapt behind the corner for a second, so sure that he heard Depth Charge's voice float through the corridor. Of course, it wasn't that he was avoiding his roommate- it was just that he'd promised he'd be careful, and heading outside was probably one of those activities he ought not to do.

He spent the pause pulling off his boots and socks, tying the laces together into several awkward knots and tossing them across his shoulders. Knowing the soldiers and how they were about the hats, it wasn't a stretch to believe they'd chastise him if he lost his shoes. Still, it would be nice to see how the snow felt below his bare feet- he reasoned he might not get another opportunity, so it was best to try it while he could.

After another moment, it seemed Depth Charge had moved on, given that he was nowhere in sight or within earshot. Turning off his flashlight again, the Scarecrow made a quick run for the door to the Entry Room.

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