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Nightshift 55: Main Hallway 1-Center
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Wally yelped as his powers propelled him into the next hallway and, as it would turn out, a wall. He hit it with a thump loud enough to rattle his teeth and make his head throb as he slowly pulled himself back up to his feet.

"I'm okay," he announced for the benefit of what turned out to be an empty hall. Which was fine by him because he really didn't need people seeing the Flash running into solid objects like that. It'd raise some questions about why his control was so off and he really didn't want to get into those right now. At least he'd stopped in the next hallway and not the other side of the institute, so that was something. Backtracking would have been even more embarrassing.

"Well, I guess that's just another reason not to do any running just yet," he muttered to himself and headed towards the sun room. Get through that and then he'd hit the cafeteria and, after that, the kitchens and a better chance at finding something to eat.

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Carter slowed as he approached the middle hallway. Things tended to show up near here, weird and nasty things. There had been that odd boy, and then Scott Pilgrim with the sword in the Sun Room. He had no idea what was going to happen tonight. The flashlight beam landed on the door handle to what Carter thought was the outside but he hesitated, wondering what evil creature was lurking out there tonight.


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Just to be sure Depth Charge hadn't seen him heading for the door, the Scarecrow took one more look over his shoulder as he neared the center of the hallway. There was no sign of his roommate, who would have surely said something if he thought the former strawman was headed into danger... well, something more dangerous than usual. It probably helped that he'd turned off the light and removed his boots so he didn't draw attention to himself, he thought.

Thinking of his light, the Scarecrow turned his on when he spotted another one just down the hallway. Much to his surprise (there was a small jump, but he managed to stifle his reaction a little- people were always lurking in the hallways around here, it seemed), someone was standing in front of the door. Perhaps he'd had the same idea of seeing the sights outside of the Institute's walls. On the other hand, he might have been a brainwashed patient on his way to guard the room.

Well, there certainly wasn't going to be an outing with the door blocked, and the stranger didn't look all that dangerous. "I beg your pardon," the Scarecrow said as he approached, "but are you going this way?"

Carter jumped, and only saved his dignity from a girlish shriek with the strongest of Cartery self-control. It was just another patient, and one who didn't look or sound very threatening. Not many bad guys begged your pardon before they attacked, right?

"I'm trying to. Why, you have a problem with it?" It wasn't asked in an aggressive way, as the phrase might indicate, but as if he was actually curious as to whether Scarecrow had a problem with him leaving. If he did, Carter hoped he wouldn't be too violent about it.

It was one thing to use his crowbar on giant rats, hurting another human being face-to-face would just be depressing.

"Oh no," the Scarecrow insisted with an enthusiastic shake of his head. "Not at all!" Maybe his idea of trying the front door wasn't so novel after all- that, or it was just a happy coincidence. He didn't consider his human mind very great, given that it had certainly been damaged somehow by the sleep study, but the phrase that said minds did think alike still held truth.

"I was just headed this way myself," he explained, gesturing toward the door. Oh, now there was an idea: "Maybe we could go through the next room together? I saw one of the brainwashed patients in there once, so it could be dangerous for either of us alone. With two sets of eyes, surely we could spot anything that comes at us."

Then he was friendly! Great. Carter's tense boy relaxed and he and slung his crowbar over his shoulder as he went to meet the lanky man. "Good idea. We've got a better chance if we stick together. People shouldn't be going out alone. I was just going to wander to town, but I saw some big rats outside last time." And as he well knew, rats didn't come in pairs so much as dozens so he and Claire bashing up two of them probably hadn't so much as put a dent in the population.

He offered his hand and a grin. "Andrew Carter. Uh, sergeant." And he'd been through before. The night was starting quite well.

The Scarecrow took Carter's hand, giving it a firm shake. "Frank Westerning," he said with a smile. He was glad for the company, especially if there were big rats waiting for them just outside. While he had no problems with rats and mice in Oz (aside from those living in him who made an awful lot of noise while he was trying to think), he had a feeling that those around the Institute would be of the unfriendly variety. Still, he was willing to brave them for the chance to see the snow again.

"Well then, shall we?" With that, he opened the door.

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