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Nightshift 55: Main Hallway 1-Center
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Wally yelped as his powers propelled him into the next hallway and, as it would turn out, a wall. He hit it with a thump loud enough to rattle his teeth and make his head throb as he slowly pulled himself back up to his feet.

"I'm okay," he announced for the benefit of what turned out to be an empty hall. Which was fine by him because he really didn't need people seeing the Flash running into solid objects like that. It'd raise some questions about why his control was so off and he really didn't want to get into those right now. At least he'd stopped in the next hallway and not the other side of the institute, so that was something. Backtracking would have been even more embarrassing.

"Well, I guess that's just another reason not to do any running just yet," he muttered to himself and headed towards the sun room. Get through that and then he'd hit the cafeteria and, after that, the kitchens and a better chance at finding something to eat.

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Klavier kept his flashlight on the source of the sound for a few moments as they backed away. If something managed to break through that door, he definitely wanted them all to be aware of it. But as they moved further, he turned his light and attention toward where they were going, following along with Herr Red's direction. Which happened to be where they wanted to go in the first place.

Strangely enough, Klavier found nothing odd about the girl's reaction to the noise. Granted it was an axe she was lifting up, but it was also what she had happened to have in hand. Instinct was to use whatever was immediately available in an emergency. He had been the one to ask that she bring that along for the sake of opening the locked filing cabinet, so in a way, he felt somewhat liable regarding it. He would feel incredibly guilty if she ended up making herself use it for self defense. It would be best if she didn't end up doing something she'd regret later. He shook his head slightly.

"...I don't think it can manage getting out of that room just yet," he announced darkly after they had made it far enough away. He swept his flashlight back in the direction they'd come just to be sure nothing was following them down the hall before turning his attention to the other two. Claire looked cautious. Red looked unnerved. And him? ...He didn't really know. He could only hope he looked collected despite the circumstance.

Regardless, he could tell from Claire's tone that she wasn't exactly thrilled regarding Battler's presence. That likely wasn't aided by that lackluster explanation he'd offered. So Klavier took it upon himself to smooth that over as a way of clarifying and getting himself to focus on something other than what else might be lingering in the halls.

"Ah. My apologies, Fräulein. Herr Red was a travel companion of mine once. You could... say he is relatively new here himself, in a manner of speaking." He gave a bare, civil smile toward both of them, playing at reasonable. "It's not exactly going to get much safer from this point forward. If there are no objections, it may be best if we all stick together for the time being. Extra eyes and hands can hardly hurt matters, ja?" The file rooms weren't far from where they were, but if they were going anywhere, he'd rather all three be on the same page for now.

Claire kept pace with the boys, eyes following the glare of the torch and touching on the shadows it missed. She trusted that they would both be careful. Even if the red haired boy was uneasy, he wasn't acting stupid. Again, aside from wearing that suit. She cast a glance at it as they walked, noticing the golden embroidery on the...the flaps. (The word was escaping her. There hadn't been much use for fashion in the last few years, after all.) "Looks expensive," she noted to him brusquely. And impractical.

Luckily, Klavier was willing to provide an explanation. Apparently the two were acquaintances. Maybe a little more than that if they were already throwing jokes at each other, but she wasn't such a good judge of that anymore. In turn, Claire nodded. "No, it's fine. I was just surprised." Her swept her bottom lip, and then she continued. "Your name isn't Herr Red, is it? That's just a nickname." Her brows furrowed and she nodded again, as if to answer her own question. "I'm Claire. Claire Littleton.

"We're going to the file room. We're looking for clues about what happens to the people who leave here - nobody has any idea what happens to them." If he was new, then he might need the extra tips. She turned expectantly towards the blond man. "Speaking of which - are we getting close? Klavier?"

The institute couldn't be that big. Claire had only left the building for the first time today (that town being the exception). The view from the courtyard had indictated that while being far from small, it wasn't half so sprawling as a mall or a university. Any trips they had to make could be done in minutes. And if the file room was on the first floor and it wasn't near the patient blocks or the sun room, then there were very few places left where it could be.

"This?" Battler shrugged at the comment. "It might be kind of flashy, but even if that's the case, I'd rather wear something like this than put some fake name on display as if I approve of it. ... I definitely don't." Her coldness wasn't settling with him all that well, if he were to be honest. He had to wonder if his joke from earlier wasn't actually all that far off, and he'd inadvertently stumbled into a situation where he was unwanted. On the outside, however, he ignored that feeling, remaining as cordial as he normally would to a stranger, in part to ease the atmosphere, and in part to distract himself from the real reason they'd all made their way into another hall.

He frowned slightly at Klavier's comment, not really wanting to think about the concept of 'it', whatever that would end up entailing, but the sound was now just far enough that he could filter it out if he wanted to. That... would probably be better, actually. He took a moment to pause, calming his nerves a bit as his listened to the rest of what was being said.

The civility was kind of surprising, given the way his lunch with Klavier had went, but Battler wasn't about to complain about the transition from sarcastic to friendly. Maybe this guy was a little nicer than he thought, or maybe he was like him and only trying to ease the tension.

"... Right," he consented. "That does sound easier, and I was only really planning to get a better feel of things." Not the most productive plan, but it was better to spend a little time making sure he wasn't going to be wandering aimlessly when it came to specific goals, and that could be accomplished just as easily with others. As long as he wasn't unwelcome, he didn't have a problem with it.

"Claire, huh? That's a pretty name," he thought aloud. He hadn't necessarily meant to say it to anyone but himself, so he ended up shrugging the comment off. "I'm Ushiromiya Battler. Nice to meet you." Since the tension seemed to have died down by that point, the friendly smile that followed was actually genuine. "Sorry about the bad impression earlier."

The file room.... He definitely couldn't complain about that. There had to something useful in there, and there was something he wanted to verify in his own. He nodded slightly, turning his attention back to Klavier, since it seemed that he was the only one who really knew where they were going.

Klavier's smile stretched to something more genuine at the exchange. Things seemed to be going well. If he could keep it like this, they might actually manage to be really productive tonight. Nothing like a cohesive group, especially when none of the members could be categorized as idiots. Yes, he was kind of liking this. As they spoke, Klavier quietly noted random facts from their exchange for future reference. Claire's last name and the fact that Battler had apparently decided to go scouting the area on his own, for example.

When they both turned to him he nodded and turned his flashlight toward the hall before them. "We're very close, actually. The reception area where they're kept should be right down here."

Since he was the only one who knew exactly what it was they should be looking for, he led the way down the corridor. It was a short trip only a few yards from where they'd been standing. Two large double doors across from the Sun Room entrance (which he wasn't even going to look into). He only looked the door over once before opening it.

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