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Nightshift 55: Main Hallway 1-Center
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scarletspeedstr wrote in damned
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Wally yelped as his powers propelled him into the next hallway and, as it would turn out, a wall. He hit it with a thump loud enough to rattle his teeth and make his head throb as he slowly pulled himself back up to his feet.

"I'm okay," he announced for the benefit of what turned out to be an empty hall. Which was fine by him because he really didn't need people seeing the Flash running into solid objects like that. It'd raise some questions about why his control was so off and he really didn't want to get into those right now. At least he'd stopped in the next hallway and not the other side of the institute, so that was something. Backtracking would have been even more embarrassing.

"Well, I guess that's just another reason not to do any running just yet," he muttered to himself and headed towards the sun room. Get through that and then he'd hit the cafeteria and, after that, the kitchens and a better chance at finding something to eat.

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Following Carter out the door, the Scarecrow finally managed to get the map from his pocket, pausing to unfold it and find their next move. "Let's see... We were just in there, and we escaped through that door, then entered the hall, so we should be somewhere right about here. We could go through the Sun Room, or back toward the patient halls..."

He trailed off, struggling to read the paper with his hands shaking so badly. Maybe it was his arm- the clever little thing still kept him from feeling anything, save for some slight tingling that was usually the sign he'd be getting his senses back soon. Oh, he hoped it wasn't too injured. It certainly looked serious, what with the layers of skin showing and the discoloration and the fact that it looked oddly wet for having been exposed to flame, but to someone with very little experience in being human, he supposed most wounds would seem terrible than they actually were. Then again, he hadn't realized the severity of the injury from his sleep study until he'd been told. Why didn't human brains know these sorts of things? It seemed awfully important to know just how bad an affliction was when some of them could cause death.

Well, he reasoned it couldn't be in too poor of shape- it hadn't fallen off or been burned away completely, after all. For now, the Scarecrow traced his finger along the drawn corridors to keep his place. "Hm... Oh! According to this, there are doors that lead to that field around the Greenhouse just past the doctors' offices. That wall that goes around the building didn't look too high when I saw it earlier. I'll bet we could climb over it without too much trouble."

Carter leaned over the map, nodding. He was bad with maps (and holding on to maps) but he knew the general route in his head. "Oh, yeah! We'll be on the other side of the institute from the front door, so they won't expect it either."

The flashlight beam caught the edge of Frank's arm and Carter very slowly turned it on his burnt skin. After the melting man it wasn't enough to make him do more than wince, but it still looked pretty nasty. "Hey, doesn't that hurt?" He'd been often but never quite that bad. If the institute didn't fix it immediately it was going to leave one heck of a scar.

"I suppose it ought to," the Scarecrow answered, folding his map and returning it to his pocket. If that was the case, he decided it was probably best that they kept moving while it still wasn't a bother to him. He wasn't sure anything could have been as bad as his sleep study and the rattling that had been running through his body that night (well, maybe aside from death itself- that had to be unpleasant), but it was better to not count on it.

"Come on, let's keep going." He shined his light toward the next hall, taking the lead.

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