Sangamon Taylor (toxicspiderman) wrote in damned,
Sangamon Taylor

Night 55: Grand Ballroom

[from here]

S.T. switched on his flashlight as he started down the stairs.  The torches flickered, and they were sitting ducks.  Not tripping over his own shoelaces would be a plus.

"The Sphinx was over that way," he said as they descended.  "Two doors behind that one.  One with the mythology pop quiz, the other with a maze.  No Minotaur, at least not that we ran into."  Plus side of not remembering Greek History (picture-book style) was that he hadn't been pissing his pants at the thought of a legendary smack down.  Minus side was not getting to see Indy pull some flashy move out of his ass and save them all.  Or even knowing that was on the table.

"Guess we'll try the flip side tonight."  The maze might have another treasure, but it would be slow.  Prone to ambushes, too.  Even if there weren't Weekly World News wanna-bees roaming the halls.
Tags: depth charge, erika, indiana jones, peter parker, s.t., scott pilgrim, sync, two-face
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