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Day 56: Tasty Burger (Noon)
human_sponge wrote in damned
Peter didn't know if he and Firo had left on the best terms, if only because the younger man was still so confused about what was going on in this place. The change in time period had a lot to do with it, but it had also sounded like he'd had a lot going on in his life before ending up here. Then again, who hadn't? Peter had just exploded before his arrival.

It was hard to think back to that night, to the way he'd stood in Kirby Plaza while burning up with nuclear overload, when he was in this quaint snow-covered town. This was the sort of image you'd see on the Christmas card; it wasn't supposed to exist.

Still, his walk with Firo had been rather long all things considered, and so Peter finally decided to leave the teen to his devices and go warm up somewhere. The best way to do that would be by putting some hot food in his stomach, and so he ended up backtracking to the Tasty Burger. He could have gone ahead to the Twin Pines, since the food was obviously better quality there, but the walk was longer and his face was starting to get numb.

Letting out a small sigh of relief as he stepped into the lively fast food place, Peter fished the proper coupon out of his pocket and went to stand in line, eyeing the two young girls at the counter as he waited for it to be his turn. Once he'd eaten, he could really start searching the shops for what to buy.

[Claire Bennet.]

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Her appetite had returned by the time she parted ways with Andrew, and so the moment she was back to slogging through the snow, her coupon book was out. The makeshift credit card, on the other hand, remained in her pocket. As much as Claire liked the idea of choosing for herself where and what she would eat, five dollars wouldn't get you much back in Sydney. There couldn't be that big of a difference with American money.

From the looks of things, she could turn right back around and go to the same restaurant she had just come from. Claire sent it a frown from over her shoulder. Hmm. Perhaps later on? They already got enough funny looks from the staff on the first time in, and Claire wasn't about to make it worse by looking scatterbrained on top of crazy.

The second likely coupon was for a place called the Tasty Burger. The sound of it made her belly rumble - or maybe that was the smell of it. Claire only had to glance up from her coupon booklet to spot the place not one block away, garish primary colours beaming out amongst the humble homegrown stores. The black sheep of the town. She inhaled again, and remembered the wasted hamburger of a few days ago. Back when she was convinced the food was poisoned, she had spilled the whole of her tray into the trash bin and tormented herself for the rest of the lunch break.

Claire ripped out the coupon without a second thought. Time to make up for meals lost.

She knew this might be a bad idea, with how unbearably sweet chocolate seemed to her now. The grease and sauces might send her running for a toilet. But it smelled so divine, and it was meat and fries and ketchup and...

Dainty footsprints slurred in the seamless planes of snow where she'd broken into a run. The clumsy door swung open, and Claire disappeared inside.


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