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Day 56: Bus 1
scintillatingly wrote in damned
Claire (the second) had turned out to be a nice and interesting person. Sora wished that he'd had some more time to chat with her, but the failing light and the urging from the staff had made it clear before long that their trip was coming to an end, meaning that he'd had to rush to make his purchases. That was how Sora ended up walking back to the buses with a coconut under each arm and a jewelry box tucked into his pocket. Even then he still hadn't used all his money, but he'd done his best and gotten some interesting things.

However, as he reached the idling buses he saw the the nurses and orderlies were waiting there to search everyone and take away their items. Sora didn't get what the point of giving them money was if they were just going to take it all away, but then it was explained that they would be given everything back at dinner. Well, that wasn't so bad then!

He still didn't know where Kairi was, but he wanted to pre-arrange the moment when he handed over his gifts anyway. Reluctantly, Sora allowed himself to be searched, doing his best not to squirm even though the orderly who was doing it was being uncomfortably thorough.

"You're good to go," the man said once all of Sora's purchases had been taken away from him. With a defeated sigh of relief, the boy got onto the first bus.

Still, excepting what he'd just been through the trip had been nice. He'd made a snowman with Tsubaki and had met interesting people like Wally, Gilbert, and Claire -- not to mention that he was really excited about the gifts he'd gotten for Kairi. He was already anticipating what her reaction might be. For the meantime, though, he simply stared out the window, giving the snowy town one last took as he waited for the buses to start.

[For Ruby.]

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Had all the days been so long? Edgar sighed as he headed for the first bus- it was a silly question, but he couldn't deny how time crawled when one in poor shape. Though the cold offered mild relief for the unnatural heat coursing through his blood, it did nothing for his physical exhaustion. He ached as though he'd exerted himself all day, though the brief walks to the restaurant and a single store had been his only major efforts during the trip.

Even though he'd been fairly inactive, he had made progress. Though Ryuuzaki and Lunge had steered the conversation toward the one subject he hadn't been keen on discussing, it was a necessary step. Edgar couldn't change what had happened to him, but he could use what he now knew to aid their future endeavors... and if he truly did gain some magic from his sleep study, those skills would undoubtedly come in handy. He ran his free hand through his hair, the other carrying a bag he'd purchased (sick or not, he wasn't about to waste the opportunity to buy something he needed when the chance presented itself, especially when there was no guarantee they'd be given the same provisions the following week... and that was granted he was still being held hostage in another week's time). At least the topic was out of way, leaving room for others during the night.

Once at the bus, Edgar waited in line to be checked by the soldiers. Irritation showed through his normally calm demeanor: he had anticipated their purchases would be confiscated for a time- with Aguilar providing funds and having returned their items the previous night, he expected they would do the same for anything acquired with said funds- but the manual search breached his tolerance, which was fairly low after the rough night. He said nothing to it; even if he'd had the energy, he knew better than to resist when the odds were completely against him.

Edgar found a lone seat for the second time, immediately giving the window a try- as with the one that morning, it didn't budge. Already sweating, he pulled the sweater over his head and slid wordlessly into the seat, leaning into the cushion and closing his eyes. Maybe he could stave off his personal discomfort with a brief nap.


Browsing the sweets with Anise had been enjoyable, more so than anything yet had been (though smelling with lotions with Tear pulled in at a close second), because she had been able to do so unburdened. Once able to apologize to the girl, once having reached and reassured her friends, the princess could allow herself to completely appreciate the town. Just in time, of course, to leave. Escorted back to the bus, Natalia rubbed her hands together, cold through the gloves, and wondered at how the lines took even longer.

Until she neared the bus and realized that they were being searched. Invasive hands roaming the bodies of children as well as adults. Stunned, Natalia cast about for a way to avoid it, seeking some person who might have successfully argued against it, and saw a small disturbance two buses down. On her toes, she watched as it was swiftly put down, arms twisted and force used. Natalia sank, along with her stomach, attempting to resign herself to the process.

First, the woman demanded her headbands, and grabbed her bag before the princess could say otherwise. Natalia reached in instinctive defense to her hair. "Is that really necessary?" she asked, taking a step back. "We aren't even in uniform! This hardly breaks any code. Furthermore, I must protest what you mean to do. You are clearly unable to comprehend, or at least I hope you do not realize, precisely how severe the insult you would be dealing to myself and to" she knew, she knew it was best to play along, yet she would not shy from speaking of her country, however mad they insisted it made her, "Kimlasca. Trust that-"

"Shut up and hand it over," the woman interrupted, not barking it, but no less a command. Natalia bristled, to be spoken to like that!, but remembered what she'd just witnessed. Indignation burned in her eyes as she removed the headband and handed it over. She held out her arms when directed, and dropped them, pressing her lips into a thin line as the thorough, somewhat rough, yet ultimately professional search occurred. Still fuming as she boarded, Natalia strode down the aisle, almost stomping, looking for an empty seat or a familiar face, even through her angry haze.

At recognizing Edger, the princess halted, rage fading into joy, into worry -- she'd opened her mouth to ask to sit, when she noted his closed eyes and the sheen on his skin. The pallor. Perhaps it would be best not to disturb him, to let him rest. Natalia hesitated, then thought to try a middle ground. "Edgar?" she asked, barely above a whisper. If he did not answer, she would move along.

In spite of his exhaustion and the urge to continue trying to shut out the world for even a moment, Edgar had to open his eyes as he was addressed. It was not because of his upbringing, one that demanded he treat everyone with as much respect as humanly possible, nor was it due to his own code of never ignoring the call of a lady; he peered for a second to satisfy his curiosity, so sure he heard a voice belonging to someone he believed to be released.

Indeed, it was Natalia standing before him- he hadn't simply imagined her voice in an illness-induced stupor. His eyes snapped open. "Natalia!" he rasped, a look of surprise and concern overcoming him. He swallowed harshly, trying to smooth the uncomfortably rough tone of his voice. It was unfortunate he was in such a piteous state, especially given that the last time they'd met, she'd spent the night healing him. So much for that endeavor.

That begged a question: where had she been? He'd also assumed Locke to be gone, as he'd been missing for nearly as long a time as she had- perhaps he was staying out of sight somehow, rather by choice or by force. Without official confirmation, it was nearly impossible to tell. Edgar assumed Natalia hadn't been released: she remembered his name just fine, unlike Aerith. He was starting to feel hope again.

The question of her whereabouts for the last few days could wait. He stood and moved aside, allowing her room to have a seat. "I'd heard from Guy that you'd not been seen for days. We expected the worst." A wry smile appeared. "This is one of those rare occasions where I'm glad to be proven wrong."

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