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A Multifandom Asylum RPG

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Day 56: Intercom, Late Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
Despite the rough start and the heavier snowfall, the buses managed to stay on route and on schedule. With minutes to spare, they arrived at the gates of Landel's Institute, back to the waiting arms of the military. All pretenses seemed to drop at this point, and the soldiers again took on their patented gruff exteriors. Patients were filed out of the buses in an orderly manner, eventually being escorted to their rooms for dinner in much the same. There, as promised by the personnel, well-behaved patients found their purchases among their returned possessions. A few even found new faces, though whether they brought as much joy as bought goods remained unseen.

The woman manning the intercom seemed to have missed the notice about the day's trip as her announcement remained no different from the usual. "Attention all subjects and personnel," she said. "Lights Out will commence within the hour."

A pause.

"I repeat, Lights Out will commence within the hour. All personnel: please report to your stations. The General will begin his address once preparations are underway. Thank you."

The intercom clicked off.

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"I never have been very lucky," he joked grimly. "I spent the day wondering if we were being punished for something, but I couldn't think of anything." Their last trip out together had been days ago, and he doubted they'd stumbled upon anything that no one else had found before. "I guess they were just feeling capricious."

He hunched his shoulders a little and folded his hands in his lap. "Mine was trying too hard to pretend they were someone I used to know to give me much information, really." Which had been the worst part of it. There was only so much they could do to his body that hadn't been done before, but he knew full well how fragile his own mind could be, and that, it seemed, had been their real target.

It hadn't been Vicious in the room with him, he knew that, but it had been enough to dredge up things he didn't want to remember. His only comfort was the fact that sleep here was controlled and dreamless, a blessing in disguise.

It was a small comfort to know he and Gren were, more or less, on the same page: Edgar had briefly entertained the idea that the double kidnapping had been retribution for something the two of them had done, but aside from slaying the beast in the basement, he couldn't think of a single thing worthy of such merit. Surely it wasn't for said slaying, as he doubted all who were taken for the sleep studies had been to the basement- not everyone had the information to get there or skills necessary for survival. Even Edgar himself didn't know the way down there, much to his chagrin- the only reason they'd made it was due to the enchantment on the doors that night. It was more likely just an unlucky draw at lots... or at least that's what he hoped.

And it seemed the theory that every sleep study was specially catered to the test subject rang true for Gren's experimentation, as well. Edgar had been fortunate in that, despite how ultimately humiliating the event had been, he'd had a lovely lady to look at when he wasn't writhing in agony; to hear Gren's doctor was pretending to be someone he knew was disturbing. However, it made sense if that was what affected Gren the most. He couldn't imagine how different his own procedure would have been if it had been performed by someone with whom he was familiar- he shuddered at the thought alone.

For now, Edgar nodded in understanding with Gren's words. "They're toying with us," he said quietly. "I'll hopefully find out more about why tonight... or at least learn something new. I'm due to meet two acquaintances- not sure exactly where we'll be going, but they insisted on picking me up." He laughed again, still hoarse. "I'll admit that I'm a little embarrassed. Do I really look like I'll drop dead any second?"

"They seem to be exceptionally good at that." He knew, rationally, that in his case some of it was just a terrible, terrible coincidence. He wasn't vain enough to think someone had planned an entire take-over just to mess with him, personally. That didn't do much to soften the blow, however. "At the very least, we know they do know exactly who we are," he added. That was a fact that bothered him. Not that they'd had some idea of who he was, but that the person working on him had very specific knowledge of things that by all rights, it should have been very difficult to discover. He didn't like the implications at all.

"Well, you're not quite your usual handsome self," he admitted with a wry smile. "But I don't think you're corpse material just yet." He didn't want to think about how he likely looked at the moment. The old experiment had been eating away at him for years now, after all. He hated to think that this one might pick up where that on had left off, just when he'd been starting to believe he'd escaped that particular curse.

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