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Night 56: West Wing, North Hall 1-A
case open case shut.
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Right as he'd been leaving the block, Harvey had come across none other than Peter. Not that it could really be called that when they hadn't even talked to each other, but seeing the kid had answered a few questions. First of all, it seemed that Peter wasn't planning on going down to the basement, both because he hadn't approached him and also because he wasn't wearing his hideous spandex. That also meant that he wasn't going to come to Sangamon's meeting, which made Harvey wonder where the kid was going in such a hurry.

Maybe he was meeting up with someone who could tend to his wounds better? His burn hadn't been minor, after all, so it was completely possible. It really wasn't Harvey's business in the end, but this at least meant that he could tell the others that Peter had his own plans.

Well, he'd probably have to say "Spider-Man." He didn't know how many of the others were even aware of who the boy really was.

That was a headache and a half, but if nothing else, Harvey was good at keeping secrets. He had no reason to expose the kid's identity. Batman, on the other hand...

But that wasn't something that mattered here anymore, as much as he wished that it did. Sighing, Harvey closed the block door behind him and then briskly made his way down the hall, ignoring the soreness in his side.

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The Scarecrow paused as he reached the first of the larger halls, the nightly question coming to mind: just where was he headed? He'd thought he'd still try to visit town- Sergeant Carter's idea had merit, after all, and facing a town of bewitched people sounded slightly more appealing than wandering a witch-infested institute. There was a chance he'd be able to find something useful there, either for himself or for Depth Charge's cause. The more worrisome matter was just how he'd get out of the building.

Having left his map in the room, he was going to have to rely on his memory for the night. He put a finger to his head, recalling the layout of the building. The front door was through the Entry Room, and that idea of trying it had been anything but good; the Sun Room led to the Cafeteria, and there were some doors to the Courtyard from there, but that meant crossing an area where he'd seen a witch before; the field surrounding the Greenhouse, while it had been clear enough, was a long walk away. The Scarecrow put a hand on his injured arm, trying not to think of the immense pain coursing through it, causing him to hesitate before every move- he wanted to reach the outside as soon as possible so he'd have other things to think about.

That left the Recreational Field, and going over the wall there. He shook, remembering the dogs- watching them be torn apart had been almost as awful as seeing the Burning Man attacked by his own magic. Aside from the possibility that the area was guarded, there was the wall to consider. It hadn't looked too high, and there were vines in certain spots; he was sure that with a bit of determination, he could make it.

Well, it was unlikely there was any safe way out of the building, and with the quickest route being only a door away, the Scarecrow decided he'd give it a try. He wasn't getting anywhere by standing around over-thinking the situation.

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