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Day 57: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
Varying opinions aside about the new caretakers, the efficiency of the military was worthy of some admiration. The Great Escape ended with minutes to spare, and the staff wasted no time in dismantling the equipment in the Sun Room. Visitors were kindly informed that visiting hours were over while patients were ushered to their rooms.

By the time the intercom clicked to life, most of the tasks had already been completed.

It was a male's voice that came on the speakers this round, one mild in temperament and laced with a modest Western accent. Only a handful were lucky enough to recognize the newcomer (as they likely could not forget his disciplinary measures back in Doyleton); the rest likely could not place his identity. Fortunately, he seemed willing to provide it for everyone's benefit.

"This is Nurse Harrington, filling in for Dr. Landel. Unfortunately, Dr. Landel is currently occupied with business and will not be seeing everyone off this evening," he spoke smoothly. "Anyhoo, we'd like to thank our family and friends for making it out here today. I would also like to commend everyone for being on their best behavior. Your continued efforts help make everyday in Landel's a day worth smiling about." The man paused, allowing the full impact of the statement to sink in.

"For tonight, we'll be having steak and fries with a slice of cheesecake for dessert. If you're not the meat type of person, there'll be vegetarian alternatives available upon request.

"'Enjoy your food and have a good sleep.'" With that pleasant end, the intercom turned off.

[ As a reminder, only patients with A or S Ranks get the delicious food. B Rank and lower still get the pink gruel. ]

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It was unfortunate that by the time dinner rolled around, the medicine the nurse had given the Scarecrow for his arms had worn off, and he was feeling the consequences of the past two nights in full force. The nurse gave him a smile as she finished redoing the bandages on his right arm, encouraging him to get a good night's rest. While he nodded at her words and agreed to do his best, he couldn't do the same for the soldier, who simply left him with his dinner tray and a curt nod.

Alone in the room with only his tray of gruel and the aching in his arms to keep him company, the Scarecrow decided he didn't have much of an appetite at that moment, leaving dinner on his desk as he took a seat on the bed. The nightly question came to mind: how would he spend his evening? The smarter part of him said it was best he do as he was told for a change and stay inside- it'd give his arms a chance to recover, and his friends wouldn't have to worry about him as they did; however, the other half of his brain said that'd be a waste of time, and he certainly didn't have time to waste with his friends being out there, risking themselves on a nightly basis for... something. They weren't even quite sure what it was they were risking themselves for, but if it was so guarded, it had to be important.

A wide frown crossed the Scarecrow's face as he looked down at his arms, the bandages much harder to hide in the short sleeves of the smiling shirt than they had been in the longer ones of the military uniforms. He felt a little sheepish about his injuries, especially after how he'd behaved the night before. All that talk about Depth Charge wandering into danger and getting hurt- he had no room to talk! And at least Depth Charge could take care of himself, to a degree. What could a man with a no-good brain do for anyone, especially when he couldn't even keep himself safe?

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